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December 24th

A cold frost had descended over the world behind the walls during the night, covering the ground and rooftops in a layer of white crystals which glistened in the light of the morning sun over Stohess District to the east of Wall Sina.

Inside his personal quarters, Captain Kenny Ackerman was preparing to depart from the Military Police HQ in the center of the district and travel to the Survey Corps HQ near Colenith District to the east of Wall Maria.
It would be a long journey which would probably span the duration of the day, ending with him arriving at his destination a little before sunset.
Folding up his dress uniform and packing it into a large leather trunk, he turned and picked his peaked officer’s cap up from the pillow of his recently made bed and placed it down next to a pair of black knee high boots.
Had he been travelling on horseback and without luggage, he would’ve been able to get to his destination a lot quicker. However taking the uniform usually designated for ceremonial occasions was a necessity, since he was planning on attending his nephew’s wedding on Christmas Day.
A knock on the door soon earned his attention just after he had closed the lid on the trunk and locked it.
“What do you want?” He barked, picking up his bowler hat and retrieving his long black trench coat from its hanger on his wardrobe door.
“Your carriage is ready to depart Captain.” Came a familiar voice.
“Alright.” He answered, a sinister smirk crossing his lips at the cold tone with which the words were spoken, someone was still bearing a grudge against him. “Oh and Craven, have someone fetch my trunk.”
“Yes Sir.”
Looking in the full length mirror that was attached to the wardrobe door, Kenny straightened his hat and coat.
He was very much looking forward to seeing the look on Levi’s face when he turned up at the Survey Corps HQ, even more so when he had purposely neglected to let the younger Ackerman know that he was planning to arrive early…

“So when do you go for your scan?” Questioned Hanji excitedly, her puppy brown eyes going as wide as saucers behind her glasses.
“As soon as I’ve had breakfast.” You smiled, swallowing down a mouthful of porridge.
“Oh, I bet you’re excited right? Finally finding out whether Baby Ackerman is a he or a she!”
Levi rolled his eyes and sipped his tea, it was too early to be dealing with Hanji’s excitable attitude over your pregnancy.
“Yeah, but first I have to endure another blood test.” You grimaced, stirring your porridge. “So if you hear someone screaming, it’s just the unlucky nurse getting a pairing blade rammed up her ass!”
Hanji giggled manically and continued to watch you like a hawk.
“So when do we find out what you’re having?”
“Tonight at the Christmas party the same as everyone else...If we decide to find out ourselves.” You smirked teasingly.
“Aw, can’t you post it on Wallbook?”
“Oi, are you deaf Four Eyes?” Snarled Levi, his cold grey eyes narrowing in annoyance. “She just said we might not find out ourselves!”
“Let it go Hanji.” Warned Erwin, seeing fit to step in before there was an all out breakfast brawl. “This is f/n and Levi’s baby, they will decide who finds out what they are and when.”
Levi silently nodded in gratitude before finishing his tea and turning his attention back to you.
“Are you nearly ready?”
“Yep, just give me a minute.” You smiled, finishing your porridge and reaching for your cup of tea.
“Well good luck.” Said Mike evenly.
“Yeah, I hope everything goes okay.” Smiled Nanaba. “We can’t wait to see the next scan picture.”
“Thanks guys.” You smiled gratefully, picking up your bowl. “Ready when you are Levi.”
The raven haired captain nodded and stood from his seat, together your left the table and made your way over to the serving hatch to hand over your dirty crockery before exiting the mess hall.
As soon as the two of you were out of sight, Erwin focused his icy gaze on Hanji.
“Have we had any news on the bridesmaids outfits?”
“Mishka went over there yesterday and was told by the seamstress’s assistant that she had been called away to a family emergency.” She sighed worriedly, her usually cheerful demeanour melting away to be replaced by one of concern.  
“So will they be ready?” Quizzed Nanaba, her brows furrowing.
“According to Mishka they’re doing their best, but the don’t want to guarantee anything.”
“Well it’s still early.” Said Erwin firmly. “I’ll speak to Levi after he returns from f/n’s scan, I don’t want this to tarnish the moment he finds out whether he is going to have a son or daughter. Am I making myself clear?”
“Yes Sir!” They all replied in unison, an uneasy silence sweeping across the table a few moments later.

Making your way to the infirmary you and Levi found Eren and Mikasa stood outside the heavy set wooden doors looking rather uncomfortable.
“Hey guys, what’s up?” You questioned.
“Mikasa is waiting for her annual check up and…” Eren averted his gaze. “Well so am I, but I always end up getting a much more thorough going over.”
“Tch, just because you have better control over your powers now doesn’t mean we’re not going to be keeping a close eye on you.” Snorted Levi, his grip on your hand tightening slightly.
“I know that Sir.”
Mikasa however was not impressed by Levi’s cold attitude towards him, her smokey eyes narrowed dangerously as she adjusted her scarf and scowled at him for a moment before turning to you.
“So why are you here?”
“Twenty week scan.” You smiled. “Oh and don’t worry about Eren, I’m also getting poked and prodded today before they decide to drain some blood from me.”
“I see, well good luck.”
“Thanks, but it’s the poor bitch taking my blood that’s going to need luck!” You snickered.
Suddenly the doors to the infirmary opened and a nurse holding a clipboard stepped out, looking over at you before turning her attention to Mikasa and Eren.
“Eren Jaeger, come with me please.”
“Well gotta go.” He sighed, moving towards the open door, closely followed by Mikasa.
“Sorry not you.” Said the nurse softly, holding up a hand and stopping her from following.
“What? Why?” She gasped, her eyes going wide.
“You’ll be called through soon, for now, wait here.”
“No, I have to be with him! He needs me!”
“For crying out loud will you back off!” Snarled Eren angrily, his emerald eyes narrowing as he bared his teeth at his girlfriend. “I’m not a child Mikasa!”
“Can we just go and get this over with?”
“Of course.” Nodded the nurse, looking back at you and Levi for a brief moment before a doctor appeared and stepped into the doorway.
“Ah f/n, Captain.” He greeted neutrally with a warm smile. “Would you like to come with me?”
You and Levi exchanged a glance before entering the infirmary, leaving Mikasa stood outside alone looking very hurt and worried.

Hanji sat forward in her seat, resting her elbows on the desk and placing her chin on her interlocked fingers. Her puppy brown eyes narrowed behind her glasses, maybe if she stared hard enough at the private message icon on Wallbook she could actually make a little red “1” icon appear. So far though, no such luck.
Her personal assistant Moblit looked up from typing up his daily checklist from their test subjects and sighed, shaking his head in dismay at her.
“If you stare any harder Section Commander you’re going to give yourself a migraine.”
Hanji however was either ignoring him or hadn’t actually heard a word he was saying, since she remained frozen in place, not even twitching in the slightest.
“Section Commander?” He tried again, but as before, no response was received.
“Section Commander Hanji?”
Still no response.
Sighing deeply Moblit rose from his seat and moved to stand in front of her desk, leaning forward on it and staring into her eyes.
“Section Commander Hanji come quickly, the test subjects are trying to communicate with me!”
“What?” She screeched excitedly, her head jerking up to meet his gaze. “What did they say?”
“Okay good, now I have your attention, staring at the laptop all day isn’t going to help us find out if the bridesmaids outfits will arrive on time.”
“Damnit Moblit!” She groaned, removing her glasses and rubbing her eyes. “You could’ve found a better way to get my attention.”
“Well it was all I could think of, besides we’re supposed to be finishing the last of our experiment reports today.”
“I know, I know.”
“I’m sure if anyone hears anything they will let you know as soon as they can.” He tried reassuringly.
“Yeah you’re right.” She smiled sadly, closing Wallbook and opening her experiment report document. “Come on, let’s get this finished.”
With a firm nod, Moblit returned to his desk, casting another worried glance back at his superior before resuming his work.
Everyone at the Survey Corps HQ was on edge at the moment wondering whether the wedding was actually going to take place or not, however sitting around desperately hoping for a positive outcome wasn’t going to help anyone right now…

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Get it out! Get it out!”
“Almost done.” The nurse giggled nervously, changing over the test tube and taking another blood sample from your arm.
“Quit fucking laughing and get on with it!” You screamed, your entire body was practically shaking at this point, so you weren’t in any fit state to realize that her amusement was out of fear more than anything else.
Levi gritted his teeth, he you may have been the one having the blood taken but he wasn’t particularly impressed with the fact that you were currently squeezing his hand and digging your nails into his flesh. Furthermore, if you squeezed any harder you were more than likely going to break every single one of his fingers.
“Okay all done.” Said the nurse soothingly, finally removing the needle and pressing a wad of cotton onto your arm. “Just place your finger on that for a moment please.”
“Thank fuck for that!” You breathed, releasing your grip on your fiance and doing as requested while the nurse retrieved a small piece of tape to secure it in place.
“Would you let the sonographer know that I will be sending f/n down for her scan in a few moments?” Said the doctor, bringing up your medical records on his laptop.
The nurse nodded and finished labeling your blood samples before making a hasty retreat from the room.
“Now then.” Smiled the doctor, watching you roll down your sleeve and put your jacket back on while Levi rubbed his sore hand and tried to shake some feeling back into it. “How have you been feeling recently?”
“Okay.” You shrugged nonchalantly. “Getting a bit annoyed with the food cravings and mood swings though.”
“That’s perfectly normal given what your body is going through at the moment.” He nodded, typing on his laptop and pushing his glasses further up his nose. “It says here you’re feeling movement from the baby, can you tell me how that is please?”
“Yeah, quite often. Sometimes very harsh and other times not so much, it doesn’t seem to follow a set pattern though.”
“I see…” He mused, once more typing on his laptop.
“Is that normal?” Questioned Levi, his brows furrowing as he folded his arms.
“Oh yes, perfectly normal. Babies don’t come with an on and off switch you know!” He chuckled. “So, there’s been no pain or bleeding at all?”
“None whatsoever, I sometimes feel a little bloated though after I’ve eaten.”
“Again, absolutely normal.” He nodded. “Have you been following the diet and exercise regime I gave you?”
“Yeah I have.” You replied, straightening your jacket.
“Excellent. Right then, I think that’s my part here done. Time to send you off for your twenty week scan.”
Standing from his seat he led you out of his office and back down the corridor to the ultrasound room, where the same nurse you had seen before was waiting for you.
“Ah f/n, Captain.” She smiled, gesturing to the elevated couch and chair that had already been placed next to it. “Good to see you again, I take it you remember the drill from last time?”
You nodded and made your way over to her, laying down on the couch and untucking your shirt before loosening your belt and pulling your trousers down to hang just off your hips.
“Ah I see you’re getting a cute little bump now!” She noted, reaching for a pair of latex gloves and picking up the gel which she would smear over your skin when you were ready.
“Yeah, still only just visible if I wear fitted clothes though.” You mused, flashing Levi a brief smile as he took a seat and reached for your hand.
“Right then, cold tingly feeling coming in”
“Gah fuck!” You gasped, a large blob of the thick gel landed right in the center of your stomach.
The nurse giggled and shook her head, walking over to the right hand wall she turned off the lights, plunging the room into darkness before returning to her seat at the machine and picking up the transducer.
“Okay then, here we go.”
Both you and Levi fixed your sights on the screen as the nurse moved the device over your stomach and turned her attention to the machine in front of her.
“So has everything been okay since your last scan?”
“Yeah, plenty of movement, although the constant abuse of my bladder is getting on my nerves.”
“Oh my first was exactly the same!” She nodded, her eyes remaining focused on the blurry image in front of her. “Oh there we go, I thought we were going to have another game of hide and seek on our hands!”
Turning the monitor towards you she smiled warmly and continued to move the transducer across your skin.
“Looking a lot more like a baby now as you can see.”
Levi swallowed hard, his cold grey eyes fixed on the image in front of him.
“So is everything okay?”
“Well, let’s have a listen to the heartbeat first, then I’ll take some more measurements.”
Adjusting the settings on the control panel, she frowned thoughtfully for a moment before a loud churning sound filled the room.
You squeezed Levi’s hand harder, keeping your gaze fixed on the image of your unborn child and listening to the sound of it’s beating heart.
“Nice strong rhythm going on in there.” Said the nurse thoughtfully. “They’ve also started to move forward slightly which is good.”
“So how big are they?” You questioned curiously.
“Around average size for the current gestation period, you’re not really retaining a lot of fluid but that’s nothing to worry about, some women don’t.”
You and Levi exchanged a nervous glance, however your attention was soon pulled back to the screen when the nurse giggled and the transducer jerked in her grip.
“Oh, cheeky!” She gasped, noticing you wince momentarily. “That was a good hard kick!”
“No kidding!” You laughed, watching the blurry image shift slightly.
“Do you want to know what you’re having?”
“Shall we?” You questioned, turning to look at Levi again.
“Yeah.” He answered, meeting your gaze and staring into your e/c eyes.
“Yes please!”
The nurse nodded and started moving the transducer again.
“Have you picked out names yet?”
“Yeah we have, Farlan for a boy and Isabel for a girl.” You smiled proudly, keeping your gaze focused on the screen.
“Aw, they’re lovely names.” The nurse paused for a second and leaned in closer to the screen, carefully scrutinizing the image in front of her. “Okay then it looks like you are having…”

By midday, most of the frost from the early morning had melted and Kenny’s carriage had reached the inner gate of Wall Rose’s Karanese District.
After a quick rest stop to feed the horses and stretch his legs, his next stop would be the Survey Corps HQ.
“Oi, how long are we stopping for?” He questioned, leaning out of the carriage window to address the driver.
“Roughly an hour Captain.” He called back nervously, tightening his grip on the leather reins. “We’re just about to reach the inner gate check point.”
Kenny clicked his tongue and nodded, sitting back in his seat and folding his arms.
He didn’t mind carriage travel but he would much rather have taken the quicker method of riding alone, however needs must and he didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter.
Still, he would have all the time to rest he needed once he reached the Survey Corps HQ...provided his nephew could actually convince the commander to let him stay there for the night and he wasn’t going to end up being subjected to anymore of yours or your comrades childish antics.

After leaving the infirmary, you returned to your personal quarters to get your cloak and then made your way out to the regimental graveyard to visit Saskia.
The weather had warmed up slightly but there was still a biting chill in the air, so you wouldn’t be out there for too long.
Approaching the familiar holly wreath adorned marble headstone you stopped and saluted it.
“Hey Saskia.”
‘Ah f/n, welcome back.’
“Just a quick visit today I’m afraid.” You said sorrowfully. “I have a lot to do before the Christmas party.”
‘It’s okay bestie, so what do you have to tell me?’
“I’ve had my twenty week scan’s a boy!” Your e/c eyes glazed over with tears and looked towards the sky. “Levi and I are going to have a son!”
‘Congratulations f/n! I’m so happy for you!’
“We’re calling him Farlan...Farlan Ackerman.” You smiled, refocusing your attention on the pristine structure bearing your deceased comrades name.
‘I like it, it’s a lovely name.’
“It makes sense giving him Levi’s surname since we’re getting married next year...yet everyone seems hellbent on having me plan everything in advance.”
‘Hey, don’t knock it! Nothing wrong with being prepared!’
“Ha! Yeah there is that.” You mused rolling your eyes thoughtfully and rubbing your stomach. “Although you know, if I didn’t know any better...I would say they might be trying to bring the wedding forward. I dunno, maybe I’m just suffering with really bad baby brain. Levi would never let anyone pressure him into doing something like that.”
A strong wind whipped through the leafless trees, forcing you to pull your cloak tighter around your body to try and shield yourself from its biting coldness.
“Okay, I get the hint!” You laughed. “I’ll get my ass back inside!”
‘Good! Shoo before you catch a cold!’
“See you soon.”
You saluted one last time before walking away, wishing you could stay longer but knowing that it was unfortunately impossible due to the sudden drop in temperature.
Despite leaving the one place where you could always find solace when you wanted to be alone with your best friend and “talk” to her as if she were still alive, you knew she would always be with you in your heart and mind.

“Levi, f/n. How did your scan go?” Questioned Erwin as the two of you sat down at the officer’s table to have lunch.
“It went fine.” Replied Levi bluntly.
“Yeah we know what we’re having now.” You smiled. “I’ve already messaged my parents, Mishka and Kenny to let them know. Everyone else will find out tonight.”
Erwin flashed you a small smile and nodded, however he soon grew serious again and turned his icy gaze to Levi.
“I need a private.”
“I’ll go see what Eren and the others are up to.” You said evenly, picking up your lunch and standing up.
“My apologies f/n, but this is important military business for officers only.”
“I understand Sir.” You nodded, leaving the table and making your way across the mess hall to where Eren and the others were sitting.
“What is it?” Questioned Levi, sitting back in his seat and folding his arms while a deep frown spread across his face.
Making sure you were out of earshot, the bushy browed commander looked at him and leaned forward, keeping his voice low.
“Hanji has heard back from Mishka about the bridesmaid outfits.”
“So what’s going on?”
“According to Mishka, the seamstress might not be able to make today’s deadline. She was called away to a family emergency yesterday.” Said Erwin. “The assistant told her that they are trying their best to make sure the dresses will be ready, however they aren’t making any promises.”
“Damnit!” Snapped the raven haired captain.
“I’m sorry Levi, but if we don’t receive those dresses by the end of duty may have to postpone the wedding.”
Levi swallowed hard and looked across the mess hall to where you were currently sat talking to your friends.
Despite you not knowing that you were supposed to be marrying him tomorrow, the last thing he wanted to do was have to put it off until the new year.
He had worked too hard planning everything behind your back in order to give you a wedding worthy of a queen to see it not come to fruition, but now it would seem that his worst fear was being recognized...and it absolutely crushed him.

As weather turned colder and the sun began to set on the western hemisphere, Captain Kenny Ackerman’s carriage finally arrived at the Survey Corps HQ.
Stepping out of the carriage Kenny looked around at the near deserted courtyard, his eyes narrowing in annoyance that there was no one nearby that he could order to take his trunk to Levi’s personal quarters.
“Not that I was expecting a welcome party but it would’ve been nice!” He snorted sarcastically to himself, turning to the driver. “Oi, grab my trunk and follow me!”

Hanji started sorrowfully at her laptop and sighed deeply.
With the setting of the sun, duty had officially ended for the day and unfortunately, there were still no bridesmaids outfits.
“I’m sorry Section Commander.” Said Moblit quietly, not entirely sure what else he could say.
Mikasa, Krista and Sasha silently looked on, yet a strong sense of devastation filled their hearts that everything that had been planned was now going to be postponed until the new year.
“Well we gave it our best shot.” Said Hanji evenly, keeping her puppy brown eyes firmly fixed on her laptop. “I guess I should go and break the bad news to Levi.”
“Would you like us to come with you?” Offered Krista nervously.
“No thank you Sweetie, it’s probably best I go alone.”
Pushing herself up from her desk, she left the laboratory, quietly closing the door behind her as she walked to what she could only assume was her inevitable death.
“Well, we tried.” Muttered Sasha, lowering her head and folding her arms.
“Don’t feel bad.” Said Mikasa evenly. “We were working to a strict time frame, we can’t win them all.”
“Maybe we should just get ready for tonight and try to enjoy ourselves?” Smiled Krista weakly, but with this dark cloud hanging over them she doubted that would happen.
“Well I…” Moblit tried to speak, but he was interrupted by Hanji’s laptop bleeping at him.
Normally he wouldn’t check it since it wasn’t his, but for some reason...something at that moment compelled him to look.
“What is it?” Asked Mikasa instinctively, seemingly not bothered by the fact that they were effectively snooping on someone else’s private business.
“Find the Section Commander!” Yelled Moblit, dashing towards the door as fast as his legs would carry him. “She can’t have gotten far!”
“Why? What?” Inquired Sasha.
“Just do it!” Yelled Moblit, rushing out of the laboratory and leaving the door wide open behind him.

Kenny soon arrived at Levi’s private quarters, knocking loudly on the door and impatiently waiting for an answer.
“Who is it and what do you want?” Called a rather irritated male voice.
“Why don’t you open the door and find out?” Snickered Kenny through the thick wood.
A few seconds later the door opened to reveal Levi dressed in a pair of black trousers, a white shirt and his cravat hung loosely around his neck.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” He snapped, stepping out into the corridor and closing the door behind him.
“Not going to invite me in?” Questioned Kenny, looking rather offended.
“No I’m fucking not! You’re not supposed to be here until tomorrow!”
“Yeah well I arrived how comfy is your sofa when it comes to sleeping.”
Levi blinked twice before narrowing his eyes at his uncle.
“F/n is sleeping in here tonight, I’m staying in Erwin’s quarters.”
“So where will I be sleeping?”
“I don’t care! Go find Erwin and take it up with him, I’m busy!”
“Oh are you now?” Questioned Kenny, a rather sinister smirk crossing his features. “That explains why you’re only half dressed.”
“Tch, go find Erwin. He should be in his quarters.” Snorted the younger Ackerman, turning on his heels and heading back into his private quarters, slamming the door behind him.
Rolling his eyes Kenny looked back to the now frightened coach driver still carrying his trunk.
“Move it!” He commanded lowly, starting to walk away down the corridor.

Hanji gulped nervously and peeked around the corner of the stone corridor that led to Levi’s personal quarters.
In a way she was thankful she had decided to hang back when she noticed his stood outside talking to his uncle, however she was a little confused as to why he was here a day early. Although this soon disappeared when she heard the harshness with which Levi was addressing him and she couldn’t help but feel even more scared that when he heard what she had to say, she would be getting it, a hundred times worse!
“Well, I best get this over with.” She mused quietly to herself, slowly approaching the door that currently separated her from her inevitable doom.
Stopping outside it and mentally preparing herself for what was about to come, she raised her fist to knock on the heavy wooden surface.
“Section Commander Hanji!” Yelled a voice, just before her knuckles could make contact with it.
“Moblit?” She inquired, cocking her head to one side. “What is it?”
“Don’t do it!” He yelled, rugby tackling her to the ground and sending them rolling across the stone floor.
“What the hell?” Groaned the bespectacled brunette, straightening her glasses and pushing her subordinate off her.
“You...don’t need this!” He panted, looking nervously back towards Levi’s quarters. “The dresses...they’re...they’re here!”
“What? Is this another wind up to get my attention?” She questioned suspiciously, standing up and folding her arms.
“No Section Commander. There is a merchant waiting in the courtyard for you!”
Hanji blinked rapidly before dashing off down the corridor.
“Well what are you waiting for? Come on!”

“What’s going on?” You questioned, pulling a large towel tighter around your body as you exited the bathroom and found Levi stood in front of the mirror in your bedroom tying his cravat.
“Tch, Kenny’s here.” He snorted, keeping his focus on his current task.
“What?” You gasped, making your way over to the wardrobe and starting to go through it looking for a dress to wear for the Christmas party. “I thought we weren’t going to be seeing him for a while?”
“So did I.” Snorted your fiance, finishing with his cravat and straightening his shirt collar.
“You really should’ve been a girl!” You giggled, looking down at your bump and rubbing it affectionately. “I’m gonna be ridiculously outnumbered by all the testosterone in this family!”
Levi glanced over at you and raised an eyebrow.
“Are you disappointed that we’re having a son?”
“Of course not.” You smiled warmly. “I do kinda feel outnumbered though, but I guess I have Mikasa to fall back on so it kinda evens it out a little.”
Turning away from you, Levi retrieved his suit jacket from the wardrobe and draped it over his shoulders.
“Did you put Mike’s Secret Santa present under the tree in the mess hall?”
“Yeah, I did it this afternoon.” You answered, finally deciding on a dress.
Levi watched you closely as you pulled out an elegant black garment that would hang off your shoulders and fall just below your knees and frowned at it.
“What is it?”
“Hmm, I dunno.” You mused. “Do you think this will make me look fat?”
“Tch, you could be the size of a titan and I’d still love you!” He snorted.
“Oh thanks a lot!” You pouted. “No really Levi, that makes me feel a shit load bet-mmph!”
Your little rant was immediately silenced by Levi’s lips locking with yours as he grabbed your head in his strong hands and kissed you passionately.
Humming into the kiss your hands instinctively moved to his neck, pulling him closer.
After a few moments he pulled away and stared into your e/c eyes, losing himself in their softness.
“Finished letting your hormones take over?” He questioned bluntly.
“Just you wait until we get back here later!” You warned with a dirty smile. “I’ll show you a hormonal takeover that will put you out of action for at least a week!”

Erwin’s icy blue eyes narrowed at Kenny as he made himself comfortable in his arm chair, swinging his legs over one of the arm rests and pulling his bowler hat down over his eyes.
“Have fun at your little party.” He said, waving a dismissive hand at the blonde commander.
“If you think I’m leaving you in here unsupervised…” Began Erwin angrily, however a knock at the door soon interrupted him. “Enter.”
“Hey Erwin, are you ready to go down to the...why is he here?”
“Well if it isn’t the hairy bastard with the big nose! ” Snorted Kenny with a rather sinister smirk, pushing his hat back for a moment so he could see Mike’s crisp clean three piece black suit.
“So this must be the infamous Kenny Ackerman?” Questioned Nanaba, adjusting the shawl that matched her elegant royal blue floor length evening dress before linking her arm with Mike’s.
“He showed up half an hour ago and Levi sent him here.” Said Erwin evenly. “Any chance he can stay in your quarters? If he stays here with Levi and carries on the way he is, I feel there will be blood on the walls by dawn.”
Mike turned his attention back to Kenny, a deep frown settling over his features.
“Fine, I’ll keep an eye on him.”
“Thank you Mike.” Erwin turned his attention back to the Military Police captain and stared at him intently for a few minutes before another knock on the door broke the tense silence of the room.
“Oi Erwin are you and Shitty Glasses ready yet?” Came a familiar bored voice over the sound of the door opening.
“Hanji is running late.” He replied. “She will meet us there.”
“Tch, too busy making out with her titans is she?”
You simply giggled and rolled your eyes, brushing a lock of stray hair back behind your ear.
“So to what do we owe this little visit?”
Kenny raised an eyebrow at you and smirked.
“Hey Levi does f/n know you’re cheating on her with this lady? Oh no wait, it’s just f/n with her hair down!”
Levi was not amused by Kenny comments and his cold grey eyes started to narrow dangerously. Fortunately you happened to notice his reaction and put your hand over his chest to stop him from striding forward and punching his uncle.
“Oh relax will you?” Snorted Kenny, finally leaving Erwin’s armchair and straightening his clothes. “It was a fucking compliment! Anyway are we going to this so called party or what? I need a drink if I’m going to be stuck with you lot all evening!”

By the time your little group had finally made it down to the mess hall, which took considerably longer than it should have after you narrowly avoided Erwin giving Levi permission to murder Kenny if he didn’t behave, the annual Christmas party was in full swing.
Moblit, as usual had set up a DJ stand for himself, playing a variety of festive songs, while most of the scouts had already filled the large space near the stage that had been created for the Secret Santa gift exchange which usually happened at midnight and were having fun dancing.
Others were gathered around the drinks table or sat talking, either way it was clear that everyone was enjoying themselves.
“Well for a bunch of suicidal morons, you certainly know how to throw a party!” Remarked Kenny, smirking at Moblit as he knocked back one bottle of beer before reaching for another.
You rolled your eyes and followed Levi to a table near the left hand wall a few meters away from the dance floor, the raven haired captain had given you strict orders to stay out of the areas that were too crowded to minimize the risk of anyone bumping into you.
You were grateful that he was being so protective, but in all honesty you weren’t particularly happy about him treating you like you would shatter if someone so much as breathed on you. You were pregnant yes, but you weren’t made of glass!
“I’m guessing the Military Police don’t know how to party?” You quizzed turning to look at Kenny. “Or are you all a bunch of lightweights?”
“Heh, we could drink you lot under the table any day!” He snorted, leaning in and flashing you the sinister smirk you had come to associate with him so often.
“Really? Why don’t you take some of Erwin’s home brew back for them to try then?”
Now it was your turn to look smug as his face instantly changed from amused to pissed off.
Levi soon returned to your table with a drink for the pair of you, glaring at his uncle when he raised an expectant eyebrow.
“Get your own!” He growled, putting an arm around you in a protective manner.
Rolling his eyes, Kenny stood up and made his way over to the drinks table, leaving you alone with Erwin.
“So when are you planning to announce the winner of your little guess Baby Ackerman’s gender vote?” Quizzed the blonde commander.
“What do you think?” You asked, looking at Levi.
“Do it whenever.” He shrugged.
“I’ll go have a word with Moblit then.” You smiled, kissing his cheek and making your way over to the DJ stand, closely watched by your fiance.
“You can let her breathe you know!” Chuckled Erwin, raising his glass of brandy to his lips. “She’s not some fragile object.”
Levi narrowed his eyes but remained silent, staring at him in his usual stoic way.
“I know you just want to keep her safe, but don’t smother her.” Continued Erwin. “She nearly ended up pushing you away because of it last time remember?”
The short captain’s jaw twitched slightly, he was well aware of what had happened the last time he became over protective of you, but he couldn’t help it, especially now you were carrying his son.

“Hey Moblit.” You smiled, tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention.
“Ah f/n!” He turned to face you, holding a stack of CD’s. “What can I do for you?”
“Well you know I had my twenty week scan today?”
“Well, Levi and I want to announce the gender when everyone is here. Would you mind if I hogged the limelight for a few minutes?”
“Of course.” He smiled with a nod. “Let me know when you’re ready.”
“So did everything go okay?”
“Yeah it was fine, everything is progressing nicely.”
“Glad to hear it.” He glanced down at the stack of CD’s in his hands. “Well I better get some more music lined up. Come let me know when you’re ready to make your announcement.”
You smiled and nodded, carefully picking your way back to Levi and the others, eager to reveal your news to everyone else.

Hanji was in an exceptionally good mood as she made her way down to the mess hall to join everyone else at the Christmas party, in fact she was feeling so happy she actually had a long soak in the bath rather than her usual quick strip wash!
After being dragged off to the courtyard by Moblit, she had been overwhelmed with relief to find that the “merchant” who had been waiting for her was the seamstress that you and your friends had visited when they took you wedding dress shopping.
After apologizing profusely for nearly missing the deadline, she proceeded to explain that she simply couldn’t let down Humanity’s Strongest Soldier and had sought help from several friends and family members, who were skilled seamstresses themselves to help her get everything finished and ready.
After checking through everything, she had quickly sent Mikasa, Krista and Sasha back to their dormitory with their dresses and also had them take the bridal gown and cloak with them, instructing them to take it to your private quarters first thing in the morning.
Stopping outside the doors to the mess hall, she heard the sound of Christmas music filtering through the heavy wood. A bright smile found its way onto her face as she straightened her tight little black dress and brushed her freshly washed hair back over her shoulders before she entered the party and started looking around for Erwin.

“So are you going to tell them or shall I?” You inquired, placing a hand on your stomach.
“I’ll let you do it.” Shrugged Levi, sipping his whiskey and looking towards the doors. An audible groan left his lips as a certain bespectacled section commander laid eyes on him and dashed towards him.
“Shorty!” She squealed over the music. “Sorry I’m late.”
“Yeah what kept you?” You questioned, furrowing your brows.
“Oh I had a few last minute things to sort out...Could I pinch Levi for a moment? I need a quick word.”
However before you could reply, the music cut out and Moblit’s voice boomed out over the mess hall.
“Ladies and gentlemen!” He called enthusiastically, hiccuping afterwards. “It is with great pleasure that I would like to bring Captain Levi and f/n l/n up onto the stage to announce the winner of our little regiment wager on whether their baby is a boy or a girl!”
“You found out?” Squealed Hanji excitedly, instantly forgetting that she had to tell Levi her good news. “Get up there I’m dying to know!”
“So were you planning on telling me?” Grunted Kenny sourly.
“We sent you a Wallbook message, it’s not our fault you didn’t get it!” Snorted Levi before a loud series of cheers and whoops erupted from the other scouts.
As the mess hall main lights flickered into life, you and Levi approached the stage and climbed up onto it. Moblit smiled and handed over the microphone while Levi stood silent and stoic by your side.
“Okay guys.” You started nervously. “As you all probably know from Wallbook, I had my twenty week scan today and we also found out Baby Ackerman’s gender.”
You paused for a moment and bit your lip, wondering what to say next.
“Okay so show of hands, who thought I was having a girl?”
Around half of the regiment raised their hands, all staring at you in eager anticipation.
“What about team boy?”
The remaining scouts raised their hands, earning them a cheeky smile.
“Well I can now finally reveal that all those of you who voted for girl…” You paused for dramatic effect, relishing the way your comrades seemed to crowd in closer.
“Are all wrong! Congratulations to everyone who voted for a boy!” You shouted, struggling to make yourself heard about the sudden applause that now deafened you. “We’re having a son! He’s going to be called Farlan Ackerman and he will be making his appearance in Spring!”
Handing the microphone back to Moblit, you and Levi left the stage and returned to your table, instantly being jumped on by Hanji.
“Wah I said it would be a boy!” She squealed, wrapping her arms around the two of you and pulling you in close for a hug, much to your fiance’s annoyance. “I’m so happy for you guys!”
“Tch, let go Four Eyes!” Snarled Levi, pushing her away and placing a hand on your stomach. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” You smiled, resting your hand over his.
“Well looks like I was wrong.” Mused Mike, picking up his bottle of beer and raising it to his lips. “I like the choice of name though.”
“Yes it’s a lovely name.” Agreed Nanaba.
“So Shorty, can I have that chat with you now?” Quizzed Hanji, motioning towards the mess hall doors as the music once again started to play.
“Tch, fine. Make it quick.”
“We’ll keep an eye on f/n.” Said Erwin firmly, giving Kenny a sideways glance, which of course did not go unnoticed by the older Ackerman.
“Oh go drown yourself in your home brew!” He snarled, before turning to you and raising an eyebrow. “Congratulations.”
You smiled and nodded, taking a seat next to Nanaba and offering to let her feel Farlan move when he started wriggling around inside you again.
Satisfied that you weren’t going to be pestered too much in his absence, Levi followed Hanji outside and into the corridor, closing the doors behind him to muffle the loud music.
“What do you want Four Eyes?”
Hanji giggled manically, her puppy brown eyes shining behind her glasses.
“I’ve got some good news for you Shorty!” She began, barely able to contain her excitement. “You know that problem with the bridesmaid outfits?”
“Get to the point!”
“It’s sorted! They turned up an hour after duty ended!”
“You better not be winding me up Shitty Glasses!”
“Levi, I wouldn’t lie to you about something like this!” She protested, moving closer to him and placing her hands on his shoulders. “Check with Mikasa, Krista and Sasha if you don’t believe me.”
“I don’t need to, I trust you.”
Hanji smiled warmly.
“All your hard work planning this wedding, it’s all going to come together tomorrow. You’re going to be able to marry f/n like you wanted!”
Levi stared at her for a moment, but not with the usual harshness he usually fact he did something that stunned her into silence.
A small smile tugged at his lips for a brief moment before he uttered two words she never thought she would hear from him in a million years.
“Thanks Hanji.”
Her jaw dropped open amazement and she remained frozen to the spot for a good five minutes after Levi had left her and returned to the mess hall before she registered what had happened.
“Damn, I was not expecting that!” She mused, adjusting her glasses and  regaining her composure before returning to the party.
This is it people, Baby Ackerman is officially a boy! 
Thanks to everyone that voted!
So tomorrow is the wedding!
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