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(A/M: Wedding march tune:…)

Large flakes of snow continued to fall as Krista walked down the aisle first, gliding along the ground like a goddess walking on a layer of clouds.
She smiled sweetly and sprinkled the path before her with blue and white petals, before Mikasa and Sasha followed behind her.
The congregation smiled and muttered about how pretty they all looked as they gracefully made their way down the aisle
You and your father moved to stand at the base of the aisle and waited for your cue.
Moblit continued to play the song, not even flinching when a gasp went up from the congregation as you and your father began to follow behind your bridesmaids.
You smiled and looked around the courtyard, admiring the beautiful winter wonderland setting it had taken on thanks to the steadily falling snow.
The chairs were all covered in crisp white sheets and blue ribbons, while blue and white tinsel adorned the archways that led back into the warmth of the castle.
Turning your gaze to the front of the congregation your eyes widened, you swore you felt your heart almost leap into your mouth when you saw Levi.
He was stood facing you with Erwin at his side, both men were wearing their black dress uniforms and greatcoats.
“I can’t believe Levi planned all this.” You muttered to your father, fighting back tears of happiness.
“Well he had a lot of help from the other scouts.” Smirked your father.
“Oh my god there’s Mishka!” You gasped, seeing her sat with her parents and your mother, clutching little Saskia in her arms.
She smiled and mouthed “good luck” to you while her parents nodded.
Reaching the end of the aisle where Pastor Nick, Levi and Erwin were stood, your father stopped and stared at your soon to be husband for a moment.
“I meant what I said Levi.” He muttered sternly. “You better take care of my little girl and grandson.”
“Dad!” You whisper shouted, of all the times to start playing the overprotective father!
“You have my word.” Said Levi evenly.
Your father smiled and nodded, offering your hand to Levi and kissing the top of your head.
“Love you Sweetheart.” He said softly as Levi took your hand, he then moved away to sit in the left front row with your mother.
“Sorry about him.” You smiled weakly, handing Krista your bouquet.
“Forget it.” Shrugged the raven haired captain, taking your other hand and moving to stand facing you.
“You look beautiful by the way.”
“You’re one to talk!” You giggled and nervously bit your lip. “I’ve never seen you look so handsome before.”
Levi gave you a tiny grin before the pair of you looked towards Pastor Nick, giving him to go ahead to proceed with the ceremony as Moblit stopped playing.

“Dearly beloved.” Began Pastor Nick. “May the blessings of Saints Maria, Rose and Sina be upon you.”
He paused for a moment before continuing.
“We are gathered here today, to join together this man and this woman in the sacred bond of marriage. First I must ask, does anyone here know any lawful reason why they should be married and if so, speak now or forever hold your tongue.”
Levi swallowed hard, half expecting Kenny to say something.
Thankfully he didn’t and the courtyard was silent until…
All eyes turned to where Mishka and your family were sitting when Saskia let out a brief series of gurgles.
“Shh Saskia!” Gasped Mishka in horror, noticing everyone was looking at her. “Sorry!”
You couldn’t fight back your giggles and neither could anyone else for that matter, the entire congregation laughed and cooed while Mishka struggled to settle her daughter. Even Levi managed a small chuckle.
“Anyone who can actually string a sentence together?” Asked Pastor Nick in a bored voice, something his instantly regretted when your head snapped round to face him and you shot him an angry glare.
Cringing for a moment he cleared his throat and continued the ceremony.
“Now, may I have the rings please?”
Erwin patted down his pockets with a frown, wondering where he had put them.
After searching his inner pockets he the little black box containing them and opened it, smiling when he noticed your eyes widen and placing them onto the white velvet cushion that Pastor Nick was now holding out to him.
“By taking these vows and exchanging rings, you promise yourselves to each other in the sight of our merciful ladies.” He said before turning his full attention to Levi.
“Repeat after me: I Levi Ackerman, take you f/n l/n to be my wife.”
Levi swallowed hard and looked into your e/c eyes, his grip on your hands tightening slightly as he spoke.
“I Levi Ackerman, take you f/n l/n to be my wife.”
“I promise to love, honour and protect you.”
“I promise to love, honour and protect you.”
“To forsake all others and remain faithful to you.”
“To forsake all others and remain faithful to you.”
You smiled and squeezed his hands, he was so cute the way he always tried to focus on your eyes when he was nervous.
“Until death do us part.”
“Until death do us part.”
Nick smiled and offered Levi the cushion bearing the rings.
“Please take the ring and place it on the third finger of f/n’s left hand.”
Kenny leaned back in his seat and watched events unfold with a neutral expression, ignoring Mike and Nanaba muttering to each other about how touching the whole ceremony was.
Carefully placing the ring on your finger, Levi raised his head so you could once again see his eyes beneath his peaked cap.
The usual coldness they always held was gone and you could see nothing but the pure affection he held for you in those beautiful grey orbs.
“Now you f/n.” Said the clergyman. “Repeat after me: I f/n l/n, take you Levi Ackerman to be my husband."
"I f/n l/n, take you Levi Ackerman to be my husband."
I promise to love, honour and protect you.”
“I promise to love, honour and protect you.”
“To forsake all others and remain faithful to you.”
“To forsake all others and remain faithful to you.”
You mother sniffed and squeezed your father’s hand tightly in hers as she listened to you pledge your vows, your father simply pulling her into his arms as he watched with a proud smile.
“Until death do us part.”
“Until death do us part.”
“Please take the ring and place it on the third finger of Levi’s left hand.”
You carefully took the remaining silver ring from the cushion and slipped it onto Levi’s white gloved finger, swallowing hard and keeping your gaze locked with his.
“Levi and f/n, you have affirmed your love for one another in the sight of our gracious saints and your chosen witnesses.” Preached Pastor Nick. “You have shown this by taking sacred vows and the giving and receiving of rings. What the saints have brought together, let nothing tear asunder. I now pronounce that you are husband and wife…” He paused for a brief second to let this information sink in. “You may kiss the bride.”
You smiled widely as Levi took a tentative step towards you and carefully lifted your veil, pushing it back over your head before staring at you for what felt like an eternity before finally closing the gap between you and sealing your union with a passionate kiss.
The congregation stood as one and began to applaud, as you wrapped your arms around your now husband’s neck, followed by him pulling you closer to him by your hips.
“Ladies and gentlemen.” Called Pastor Nick. “It is my pleasure to present to you, Captain and Mrs Levi Ackerman!”
Loud cheers and whoops cut through the frosty air as you and Levi broke apart, turning to face the congregation.
“Alright everyone!” Shouted Erwin, raising his hands to silence them all. “If you would all like to make your way into the mess hall, we shall begin the reception shortly.”
You looked over towards your mother and father as they approached you with smiling faces and embraced you.
“Congratulations Sweetheart!” Sobbed your mother, releasing you before pulling Levi into a hug before he could protest.
He frowned deeply and looked at you, but was simply met with you giggling and shaking your head.
“Congratulations to you both.” Smiled Erwin. “I’m sure you’ll be very happy together.”
“Thank you Sir.” You nodded, still unable to believe that all of this was happening.
“I may have underestimated you Levi.” Said your father begrudgingly, extending a hand. “Well done on proving me wrong.”
Levi stared at him for a moment before engaging him in a quick handshake, much to yours and your mother’s delight.
“Now, I believe Mike is your designated photographer, so I’ll allow him to take over.”
Mike grinned and picked up his camera, starting to give out orders of what photographs he wanted to take.
“F/n I want one of you and Levi together first.” He instructed, moving the two of you into position before stepping back and making sure he was happy with how you were stood.
“Right. Levi, hold her and both of you look at the camera.”
The two of you did as you were asked and held still while Mike began snapping away.
“Perfect, now can I have f/n with the bridesmaids and flower girl?”
Sasha and Mikasa eagerly moved onto the snow and rose petal dusted carpet, the two bridesmaids stood on either side of you while Krista moved to the front and knelt down.”
“Good, now hold still.”
Your mother and father waited patiently to the side while Mike took more pictures of Levi and Kenny together, Levi with Erwin and you with your parents before finally bringing everyone together for a group photograph.
“Okay gather in.” He stepped forward and started moving people around, pushing Erwin and Kenny closer to Levi before gesturing for your parents to move further towards you. “Bridesmaids at the front, flower girl in the middle.”
Mikasa, Sasha and Krista adjusted their dresses and knelt down on the carpet, eagerly awaiting the tall section commander’s approval.
Cocking his head to one side Mike narrowed his eyes and nodded.
“Alright everyone, hold still.”
A few clicks later and he was finished.
“Alright done.”
“That’s all?” Asked Erwin, seemingly unconvinced.
“Yes, I’ll get more pictures in the reception.”
“I see, then let’s all make our way inside.” Smiled the commander. “Everyone is waiting for you.”

Hanji eagerly peeked through the heavy wooden double doors leading out of the mess hall and into the corridor.
While Mike had been getting snap happy taking pictures, she and Nanaba had gotten everyone else into the mess hall and seated according to where the place cards bearing their names were.
“Okay they’re on their way!” Called Hanji, hastily closing the doors and making her way to her seat.
A few minutes later the doors opened to reveal you and Levi, closely followed by the rest of your entourage.
“Holy crap!” You gasped, raising your hands to your mouth and staring around the hall as it filled with applause upon your arrival. “Levi this is amazing!”
“You have Shitty Glasses and Nanaba to thank for this.” He shrugged. “They planned it, I just approved it.”
“Well I still love it, especially the table decorations. The winter theme is definitely better than any summer theme I could’ve come up with!”
“Oh wow f/n check out your cake!” Gasped Sasha, her mouth beginning to water when her hazel eyes landed on the four tier masterpiece.
“Mum that looks amazing!” You screeched, rushing over to it, pulling Levi along with you and casting your e/c eyes over her work.
Each tier was pure white with silver snowflake piping and a deep blue ribbon wrapped around the bottom with a silver snowflake clip holding it in position, at the very top were bride and groom figurines wearing a Survey Corps dress uniform and beautiful white bridal gown.
“Do you like it?” Smiled your mother.
“Yes I love it!” You laughed, throwing yourself into her arms. “It’s beautiful, thank you so much!”
“Well you can expect more extravagant cakes when Farlan arrives.” She lowered her gaze and rested a hand on the slight swell of your pregnant stomach. “Try not to over exert yourself okay, I don’t want you going into an early labor.”
“I won’t, I promise.”
“I’ll keep an eye on her.” Said Levi evenly.
You giggled and leaned into him kissing his cheek, so far this was turning out to be the best Christmas you’d ever had.

Once you had all made your way to your seats and removed your thick cloaks and greatcoats, the kitchen staff filled everyone’s champagne glasses…(you of course were on the non alcoholic champagne!) and it came time for the best man’s speech, something Erwin was very much looking forward to.
“Ladies and gentlemen.” He began, silencing the loud chatter immediately. “I would like to thank you all on behalf of Levi and f/n for joining them today to celebrate their union, I know they really appreciate you being here.”
A small rumble of applause echoed through the room before quickly dying down.
“I’ve known Levi for many years, it was actually I who recruited him to the Survey Corps...and yes he was a neurotic little clean freak back then as well!”
The raven haired captain shot his superior an angry gIare that would probably have killed him if he had blinked hard enough. It certainly didn’t help that you were sat giggling uncontrollably next to him.
“I was shocked, but honoured when Levi asked me to be his best man. As I said we have known each other since he joined the Survey Corps, I’ve seen him go from an angry underground thug to Humanity’s Strongest Soldier...and I couldn’t be more proud of him.
“Here, here!” Yelled one of the other scouts, causing another small ripple of applause to circulate the mess hall.
“It was six years ago, when Levi met f/n, the best thing ever to happen to him.”
You smiled warmly when he turned and spared you a momentary glance.
“When she was around eighteen that we all noticed her start to develop a crush on him, but little did she know the feeling was mutual until one short year ago. Last Christmas after a long and trying year, followed failed attempts at a first kiss, they finally locked lips on Christmas Eve and they’ve been inseparable ever since.”
Hanji giggled manically and waved when you and Levi both turned and glared in her direction, knowing full well that she had played a part in those failures.
“Now one year later, here they are...married, with a baby on the way. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re all very excited to meet the soon to be newest addition to the Survey Corps in the spring when he makes his grand entrance into the world.”
Your mother and father smiled and nodded, watching the commander intently as he raised his glass and turned to look at you and Levi.
“I ask you all now to join me in a toast to the future happiness of the bride and groom. To Captain Levi and Mrs f/n Ackerman.”
“To Captain Levi and Mrs f/n Ackerman.” Repeated the rest of the congregation, raising their glasses and applauding.
“I now give you d/n l/n, the father of the bride!”
“Heh, not bad Eyebrows!” Taunted Kenny. “I actually almost shed a tear!”
Erwin rolled his eyes and ignored him, turning his attention to your father as he stood up and prepared to recite his speech.
“This is an important day for me… a special day when we welcome Levi into our family.”
He paused and nodded to your husband, flashing him a brief smile.
“Levi and I haven’t always seen eye to eye, he is rude, neurotic and as subtle as a kick in the head, but we do have one thing in common. We both love f/n dearly.”
You giggled and shook your head, trust your father to say something like that.
“I’m not really one for making speeches.” He continued looking around the mess hall. “However m/n and I are thrilled to see that our daughter has so many friends here that wanted to celebrate this day with her...even if she didn’t know it was going to happen until the very last minute! We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for helping Levi make this day possible.”
Hanji and Nanaba exchanged a knowing smile before looking back to the top table.
“It came as a surprise to me that the haste for this wedding was because of f/n’s pregnancy, but as Levi knows. I am a very traditional man and I appreciate that he acknowledged this and married my daughter before the birth of their first child…” He paused and drew a shaky breath, feeling himself start to tear up. “Mine and m/n’s grandchild...I cannot put into words how much we are both looking forward to the day he arrives.”
You sniffed back tears and stared up at your father as he lovingly cupped your chin and stroked his thumb over your cheek.
“I know they’re going to be wonderful parents to Farlan when he is born and I wish them every happiness for the future.”
Releasing you he turned back to address the congregation and signalling to Moblit who was waiting to set up the first song.
“Now I believe the next step is their first dance as husband and wife...I hope you’ve been practicing Levi! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… the bride and groom.”
Levi stood from his seat and held out his hand to you, raising an eyebrow expectantly the way he had when he first asked you to dance last year.
Your eyes widened in shock when Moblit started the music and it was revealed to be your song.
A round of subtle applause filled the room when you took Levi’s hand and allowed him to lead you to the dance floor.
“I cannot believe you actually pulled this off!” You laughed, staring into his eyes as he led you off.
“Tch, neither can I!” He snorted.
“I love you Levi.” You smiled. “Today has been amazing, better than anything I could’ve hoped for!”
“Good, I love you too. You’d better be happy because you’re stuck with me now!”
You laughed and shook your head.
“Way to ruin a touching moment!”
“Happy Birthday by the way.”
The raven haired captain afforded you a small smile before leaning in and kissing you.
“Happy Anniversary, I’ve got your present back in our shared quarters.”
“Speaking of presents.” You mused, smiling when you saw Erwin and Hanji join you on the dance floor, closely followed by Mike and Nanaba. “Would you like to know what I got you?”
“Sure, why not.”
“Well you know that rare tea you’ve been wanting to try.”
“What about it?”
“I found it on that stall in Colenith, I got you the last box for your birthday present!”
Levi’s cold grey eyes widened in shock.
“You actually found a box of Keemun leaves?”
“I certainly did!” You grinned proudly. “I also brought you book from there too, “A Collector’s Guide to Tea Leaves” I think you’ll really enjoy it.”
“Sounds like an interesting read.” He nodded approvingly.
“Finally for our anniversary, I got you a new ODM Gear cleaning kit, your old one was looking a little worn out and this one has a box with your initials engraved into it.”
“Tch, you really don’t hold back do you?”
“You’re worth it.” You smiled warmly, leaning in and placing a chaste kiss on his lips. “I wouldn’t have married you otherwise!”

The rest of the reception passed by as one would’ve expected.
After cutting the cake, you and Levi spent most of it sat at the top table talking to your comrades when they approached and offered their best wishes for the future, Mike was busy getting snap happy taking pictures for your wedding album, while your parents spent their time talking to Erwin and Hanji.
“Hey f/n, someone wanted to come and say hello.” Giggled a voice to your left once you had all finished eating Christmas lunch and enjoying the delicious cake your mother had baked.
“Saskia! You are a little sod! How dare you object to my wedding! Auntie f/n is very cross with you!” You scolded taking her from her mother, earning you several gurgles
“Auntie f/n huh?” Smirked Kenny, nodding in Levi’s direction “So does that mean he’s Uncle Levi?”
“Hmm, I guess it does now we’re married!” You mused thoughtfully.
“What do you reckon buggerlugs, is he Uncle Levi now?”
Saskia however wasn’t listening, she had started to poke and pull at the locket around your neck.
“No don’t do that!” You said softly, taking it from her and opening it to show her the picture inside. “You see that? That’s me and your auntie who you’re named after, I’m going to tell you all about her when you get older.”
Levi watched you intently, you were so good with the four month old little girl.
He couldn’t help but picture you being loving and nurturing with his son in a few months time, in all honesty seeing you with Saskia now was starting to make him feel a little broody.
Saskia gurgled and looked at Levi, stretching her arms out towards him.
“Heh, looks like you’re up runt!” Scoffed Kenny.
“Do you want to hold her?” Asked Saskia. “It’s okay to say no.”
“Tch, hand her over!” He remarked. “I may as well get used to it for when my son is born.”
You carefully handed her over, watching with interest as Levi held her up against his chest and stared at her while she pulled at the shiny silver buttons of his jacket.
“Aww I think she likes you!” Giggled Mishka. “This is the first time she’s seen him properly too, I’m surprised she hasn’t gone all shy.”
Saskia lifted her head and reached up for Levi’s cap, grabbing the visor and pulling it down over his eyes in an effort to get a better look.
“Smart brat!” Chuckled Kenny approvingly, leaning back in his seat and folding his arms.
You laughed and shook your head, a warm feeling spreading through your chest when you watched Levi remove his cap and hand it to Saskia, who eagerly took it from him and started giggling.
“He’s gonna be a good dad.” Said Mishka, her eyes not leaving the touching sight before her.
“Yeah he is.” You sighed happily.
“So what are you guys doing for your honeymoon?”
“Honeymoon?” Questioned Levi, a sudden realization hitting him.
He’d forgotten to arrange one!
“Oh I’ve got that covered!” Said Kenny, reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out a sealed envelope. “I spoke to that weirdo who likes to sniff everything at your stag night, he said no one had mentioned anything about it so I took the liberty of arranging one as a wedding present.”
Levi frowned suspiciously at his uncle, remaining silent and letting him continue.
“You’re going to a private castle in Wall Rose for a month.” He explained. “Completely private, a hundred acres of land and you’ll even have servants! You’re welcome.”
“Kenny, that...that’s brilliant thank you!” You gasped, shocked that he would do something so thoughtful.
“Yeah...thanks.” Said Levi, giving him a sincere nod.
Kenny smirked and nodded, picking up his champagne glass and knocking it back in one gulp.
“You might want to start saying your goodbyes, you leave in half an hour. The coach is already outside waiting, I’ve taken the liberty of informing everyone.”
You looked towards the front of the mess hall again and were greeted by Mike towering over you.
“Everyone wants to know when you’re going to toss your bouquet.”
“Well since we’re leaving for our honeymoon in half an hour I’ll do it now.” You shrugged.
“Ah Kenny told you then?”
“Yeah just now, thanks for dropping that little hint to him.”
“You’re welcome.” He smiled. “Come on, you can sit on my shoulders it’ll give you a better throw.”
“Oi, don’t you dare pick my wife up you fucking sasquatch!” Snarled Levi, forgetting that he was holding Saskia until she started giggling at him.
Mishka desperately bit back a giggle, the last thing she wanted was for her daughter to be picking up curse words, but thankfully she couldn’t talk yet.
“I won’t drop her.” Smirked the tall blonde as you stood up and made your way around the table to him.
“Oi listen up everyone!” You called out, raising your voice to make yourself heard. “Gather round I’m leaving for my honeymoon in twenty minutes so who wants my bouquet?”
The moment those words left your lips, nearly the entire female population of the regiment crowded together and started jostling for a good position.
“Okay Pine Scent.” Smirked Mike. “Grab hold of me.”
You swallowed hard and did as instructed, holding onto his jacket as Mike carefully lifted you up onto his shoulder and stood with his back to the crowd.
“Comfortable?” He asked, tightly gripping your thighs and ankles.
“Yep, although I think I’d be more comfortable wearing my ODM Gear!” You giggled nervously.
“I won’t drop you, go for it when you’re ready.”
“Mishka, hand me my bouquet.”
Nodding and passing up the white roses, she then rushed to join the rest of the females on the dance floor.
You threw the flowers back over your shoulder and craned your neck, watching as what looked like a cat fight broke out between Ymir and Mikasa.
“Oh wow they’re really going for it!” You gasped, wincing when Eren attempted to join the fray to pull them apart but was swiftly held back by a terrified Armin.
Eventually it was Hanji who managed to slip between them and claim the bouquet, much to Erwin’s horror when she walked up to him and waved it under his nose in a suggestive manner.
You giggled as Mike carefully put you back down onto the stone floor before turning to Levi and smiling warmly at his current interactions with Saskia.
She was now wearing his peaked cap and every time she pushed it up, Levi would pull it back down over her eyes.
“As cute as this is, we should probably be getting ready to leave.” You said, leaning over the table and removing his cap from her head.
“Alright.” He replied, handing Saskia back to her mother before putting his cap back on. “Oi Kenny, can you help Mike let everyone know we’re leaving?”
“Yeah sure.” He shrugged before climbing up onto the table and clearing his throat.
“Oi listen up you lot!” He bellowed. “The newlyweds are heading off on their honeymoon!”
“Okay that worked.” Laughed Mishka, holding Saskia tightly against her before approaching you and pulling you into a hug. “Enjoy yourselves and I’ll see you both in the new year.”
“Thanks so much for coming!” You smiled, returning her embrace before pulling away sharply and gripping your stomach.
“F/n? What’s wrong?” Snapped Levi worriedly, putting an arm around your shoulders as the others gathered around.
“I’m okay.” You laughed weakly. “Farlan just woke up and gave me a good wallop!”
“Heh, good lad!” Chuckled Kenny. “Go on, clear off the pair of you!”
“Thanks Kenny.” You smiled. “You’re not that big of an asshole!”
“Heh, you’re not that much of a bitch. Now beat it!”
Levi looked back at his uncle for a moment and narrowed his eyes.
“Make sure you stick around this time.”
The older Ackerman smirked and nodded, folding his arms and leaning back against the table.
“Are you still here? Fuck off already!”
Seeing you once again rubbing your stomach, Levi decided that you were in no fit state to walk anywhere, so he came up behind you and without warning scooped you up into his arms.
“Mike can you bring my coat and f/n’s cloak?”
“Levi!” You screeched, gripping his neck tightly.
“Tch, calm down I won’t drop you!” He snorted, making his way through the cheering crowd towards the doors, closely followed by Mike.
“Have fun you two!” Called Hanji suggestively, don’t do anything I wouldn’t!”
“Happy Honeymoon!” Shouted Eren, waving you away. “See you when you get back!”
Upon leaving the mess hall you were followed out only by Mike and your parents.
“Are you alright f/n?” Asked your father worriedly as Levi carefully set you down.
“Yes I’m fine, Farlan was just giving me a good kicking. I’m fine now though.”
“Okay good. Well enjoy your honeymoon.”
“Thanks we will.”
“Where are you going?” Quizzed your mother.
“Kenny got us a private castle for the next month, we’re going to have servants and everything. I can’t wait to see how the other half lives.”
“ in…” Your mother turned to look at Levi, her brows furrowing. “Your uncle.”
“Tch, I know. I didn’t expect it either.” Snorted your husband. “
“Well it’s good of him anyway.” She mused, a smile soon finding its way back onto her face.
“Yeah it is.”
“Alright, we’ll let you go then.” Said your father firmly, pulling you into a hug.“Have a safe journey and we’ll see you both in the new year.”
“I’ll message you as soon as we get there.” You promised, hugging your mother while your father turned to Levi.
“Look after her for us.”
“I will.” He said evenly, taking his coat from Mike and waiting for you to put your cloak on before reaching for your hand and leading away down the corridor.
Your mother sighed wistfully and smiled, folding her arms and watching you leave.
“Shall we go back to the party for a little while before we head home?”
“You’re more than welcome to.” Said Mike kindly.
“Thank you, I think we will." Nodded your father, a sly smirk crossing his features a moment later.
“What is it?” Questioned your mother.
“Oh nothing dear.” He chuckled. “I was just thinking that Levi is going to have his work cut out trying to top this next Christmas!”

And here is the final part!
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aenafarooq Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
omg i cant believe i missed this series
my internet didnt work for almost a week and i was dying, oooh i wish soo much i could read the daily updates finally i have completed it all
so the bay's boy then, if only could be online then, i would've had all votes for levi's baby girl lol
loved the wedding and the kenny's hneymoon surprise really awesome
i really loved that expression of reader like ' i am getting married today' lol lovely
i hate kenny and so do most of people i know but you really made him really nice here
once again sorry not staying till end of this series and that I REALLY ENJOYED READING THIS!!!!!!!!<3
Rambo-Jewsters Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol yeah he may have been acting nice but I still wanted him to come across as a bit of an asshole.
Next year is the last one from this series and it's going to be baby's first Christmas...expect lots of cuteness!
aenafarooq Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Omg I'm already squealing at the idea
Rambo-Jewsters Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Dovahkiin55 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I thoroughly enjoyed this :D 
Great work!
Rambo-Jewsters Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you =D
Dovahkiin55 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
No problem hun :D
c-vanek Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist
I really enjoyed reading this whole thing. Good job.
Rambo-Jewsters Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, that really makes me feel better about the dogs dinner I made of the ending :hug:
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