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December 25th

Levi quietly finished gathering up his dress uniform from the wardrobe, quickly checking the pile of clothes to make sure he had everything before picking up his peaked cap and closing the door.
You’d returned to your private quarters together not long after the Secret Santa exchange, needless to say your gift to Erwin went down very well.
He was absolutely thrilled with the effort you had made and even went as far as saying it was the best present he’d ever gotten, which of course earned him a slap from a jealous Hanji.
Mike had also been pleased with the photography editing book Levi had got him, especially since it was one he had been meaning to buy for himself but hadn’t been able to find the time to get it.

Looking over towards the bed, Levi’s harsh gaze softened as he watched you sleeping.
You were curled up tightly beneath the thick fur blanket, hair splayed out across your pillow and only the soft rhythm of your breathing broke the tranquil silence of the room.
Placing his clothes down on his bedside table, Levi leaned across the bed and gently brushed your hair back behind you ears, leaving a soft chaste kiss on your lips before whispering into your ear that he loved you.
He froze slightly when you twitched and straightened out, sighing softly and muttering that you loved him too.
Satisfied that you weren’t going to wake up, Levi quietly picked up his dress uniform and sneaked out of the bedroom, silently closing the door before leaving your shared personal quarters.
Locking the main door behind him he made his way to Erwin’s where he would hopefully try and get a couple of hours sleep before sunrise, although he doubted this would happen. He could feel his insomnia taunting him like an itch he just couldn’t seem to scratch, he wanted to sleep but he knew he probably wouldn’t be able to.
Especially since the next time he saw you, you would be walking down the aisle and preparing to become his wife.

With the rising of the sun came a fresh flurry of snow, thick white flakes descended from the sky and settled on the ground, quickly obscuring everything beneath it and turning the world white.
Fortunately no one in the populated areas of humanity’s final territories would be rushing around for a day of trade, but some would still be travelling to see friends and family.

Your mother hummed happily as she adjusted her dress and hat, checking her reflection in the mirror before reaching for her gloves and coat.
“D/n, have you loaded the cake up into the carriage?” She called, exiting the bedroom and entering the kitchen.
“Yes it’s all ready to go.” He smiled, straightening his suit jacket and tie. “Are you?”
“Yes I am.” She nodded, taking a shaky breath.
“Hey calm down, we’ve not even left yet!” He chuckled, taking her in his arms and embracing her lovingly. “Save your tears for the ceremony.”
“I can’t believe our little girl is getting married in a few hours!” She sniffed, holding him at arm’s length. “She has no idea what’s happening, what if she doesn’t like it?”
“She will love it, you said it yourself. Levi loves her and he just wants to make her happy, I’m sure whatever he’s done will be wonderful.”
“I know.” She took a deep shuddering breath, regaining her composure. “Come on, we should go meet Mishka and her parents, they’re following us to the Survey Corps HQ.”
“I agree, we should get a move on. The snow doesn’t seem to be easing up and we can’t let f/n down.”
“Then we had better make haste hadn’t we? Mishka’s parents carriage will be arriving soon.”

By the time the world around them had begun to lighten, the Survey Corps castle inhabitants were wide awake and preparing for the events that would unfold later that morning.
By order of Commander Erwin, the kitchen staff were serving breakfast to everyone in their dormitories rather than having them all gather in the mess hall.
He had planned it that was so that there was less chance of you walking in and unraveling your soon to be husband’s plans, it would also make it a lot easier to prepare the mess hall for the reception before the ceremony commenced.
Slowly blinking awake when his alarm sounded, Erwin groaned and opened his eyes.
A deep yawn escaped his lips as he rubbed a large hand over his face while using the other to switch the alarm off before sitting up and stretching his arms above his head.
A sly smirk crossed his lips as he climbed out of  bed and headed for the door, opening it wide and entering the main living space of his private quarters.
“Well good morning Levi!” He greeted, noticing the short raven haired male that was currently folding up the blanket he had borrowed for a few hours. “It’s a nice day for a white Christmas!”
“Tch, are you still drunk?” Snorted Levi folding his arms and eyeing up the commander.
“Oh I’m sorry I mean, I’m dreaming of a white wedding!”
Levi however was completely unamused by his superiors attempts at early morning conversation.
“I’m going for a shower.”
Erwin rolled his eyes and groaned, humour really was a lost concept on Levi...unless it involved defecating.
“Oh Levi!” He called, stopping him in his tracks.
“What now?”
“Happy Birthday.”
The short captain nodded and continued to make his way to the bathroom, it may have been his birthday but he clearly had other things on his mind.

“Okay people let’s get organized!” Called Hanji, clapping her hands to signal that the operation had begun.
“I want the tables arranging according to the plans we discussed, tidy up around the tree and give the floor a good sweep! You know what Captain Levi will do to you if everything isn’t perfect.”
“Section Commander!” Called a voice behind her, earning her immediate attention.
“Ah Moblit!” She smiled, looking towards the smartly dressed scout. “What can I do for you?”
“I need some volunteers to bring the piano up from the basement and into the courtyard.”
“Has Nanaba not arranged that for you?” She frowned. “I’m sure she was in charge of that.”
“Yes but she can’t spare anyone, I was hoping you could.”
Looking around the mess hall, her gaze instantly landed on Bertholdt and Reiner who were busy straightening the tinsel around the tree.
“Take those two strapping young men.”
“Yes Section Commander.”
“By the way how is the courtyard looking?”
“Nice so far.” He replied evenly. “The seats are all laid out, we’re just covering them and the altar is built. Eren and Armin are currently clearing a path to lay the carpet down now the snow has eased off a little.”
“Excellent!” She smiled. “Oh this is going so well!”
“Section Commander Hanji!”
“Yes Sweetie?”
A young female scout rushed up to her and saluted.
“Section Commander, the bride’s parents and civilian guests are here.”
“Oh good, go and inform Section Commander Mike would you please? He’ll show them where they need to be.”
The young girl nodded, giving her another salute before turning around and rushing out of the mess hall.
“Oh f/n, I can’t wait to see the look on your face later!” Giggled the bespectacled brunette.

You stirred in your sleep, reaching out to where Levi would usually lay and attempted to wrap an arm around him, only to end up patting the mattress and finding that he wasn’t there.
“Levi?” You questioned, your eyes opening wide almost instantly.
You sat up straight and looked around the deserted bedroom, frowning towards the bathroom door and trying to listen out for the sound of the shower running.
Upon hearing nothing but silence, you slowly climbed out of bed and checked it for yourself, but found it empty.
Padding over towards the door that led to the main living quarters, you also found that area to be deserted too.
“Where the hell is he?” You wondered aloud, rubbing your bump.
He wasn’t on duty today, you knew that for a one was.
Before you could contemplate further, there was a loud knock on the door.
“Who is it?” You called out.
“It’s us f/n!” Came the reply. “Mikasa, Sasha and Krista. We brought you breakfast and we have a surprise for you!”
“Okay, give me a second.”
Retrieving your key from the hearth you opened the door and saw that the three females were wearing civilian clothes and carrying large garment bags, while behind them was Ymir carrying a breakfast tray.
“Good morning f/n!” Smiled Krista brightly. “We weren’t sure what to bring you for breakfast so we got you a bit of everything.”
You blinked rapidly and shook your head, this was all taking time to process in your brain since you were still half asleep.
“I’m sorry what is going on here?” You questioned, rubbing your temples with your fingertips.
“Can we tell her now?” Giggled Sasha. “Please say we can tell her!”
“Tell me what?”
“I’ll leave you to it.” Said Ymir, placing the breakfast tray down on the coffee table with a smirk before making a hasty exit. “Good luck!”
“Alright, someone needs to explain to me exactly what is happening here!” You demanded rather forcefully, temporarily forgetting about your missing fiance.
“Here.” Said Mikasa, pushing a sealed envelope towards you. “This will explain everything.”
Taking it from her you opened it up and pulled out the beautifully designed slip of paper from inside, your eyes narrowing for a second before widening in shock.
“Are you fucking serious?”

Mike had already changed into his black dress uniform, military greatcoat and peaked cap by the time he was informed of your parents arrival.
He stood silently outside the gates leading to the courtyard where the ceremony would take place, watching intently as the two carriages came to a halt and their passengers disembarked.
The first two he recognized as your parents, having met them before. However the other four he wasn’t sure about, although he was certain that the youngest adult female of the second carriage carrying a child was someone you were close friends with...Mishka he seemed to remember her being called.
“Mr and Mrs l/n?” He questioned stepping forward.
“Oh my!” A furious blush rose on your mother’s cheeks as she turned her gaze toward the tall scout. “Those uniforms are much more impressive in person!”
Mike allowed himself a small smirk.
“Where would you like the cake?” Questioned your father while your mother took a moment to try and compose herself.
“In the mess hall, I will show you in a moment.” He replied evenly, turning his attention to Mishka and her parents.
“Um, I’m Mishka Gianovef.” She said timidly, tightening her grip on Saskia. “These are my parents Aleks and Natalia and my daughter Saskia.”
Mike flashed her a small brief smile.
“Yes I remember you from f/n’s hen night. You’re Saskia’s older sister, f/n told me you’d named your daughter after her.”
Mishka smiled nervously and adjusted her hold on her daughter when she started squirming, trying to look around.
Mishka’s parents glanced at yours.
“Would you like a hand with the cake?”
“Yes please, could you grab a box each?”
“One moment please.” Requested your father, flashing Mike a small smile.
“Of course.”
Handing Alex and Natalia a box, your mother and father retrieved the last two.
“Follow me.” Said Mike evenly, leading them through the main gate and into the courtyard.
A small smile played upon his stubble framed lips as he heard the civilian visitors gasp in awe at how the courtyard was taking shape, hopefully you would also feel the same way when the time came.

Kenny finished getting dressed and checked his reflection in the mirror.
It had been a while since he had worn his dress uniform, so it felt a little strange putting it on at first.
All military dress uniforms were identical with the exception of the sigils being modified to match the soldier’s chosen regiment, which in Kenny’s case, was the green and white unicorn’s head of the Military Police.
Slicking his raven hair back he picked up his peaked cap and put it on and reached for his greatcoat, buckling the belt and making his way out of the dormitory he had spent the night in and heading down the corridor to Erwin’s personal quarters.
Stopping outside the door he knocked heavily on it and shouted through the wood.
“Wakey, wakey! You don’t want to keep the bride waiting do you?”
A moment later the door opened and a rather annoyed half dressed Levi greeted him.
“Well you could look a little happier that you’re getting married today!” Snorted Kenny, brushing past him and making a beeline for Erwin’s arm chair.
“Tch, you’re too early!” Remarked the shorter Ackerman, closing the door and returning to the task of straightening his tie before tucking his shirt into his trousers and buckling the belt.
“Who was at the...oh it’s you.” Grumbled Erwin, emerging from the bedroom to once again see Kenny sat in his arm chair. “Levi have you picked up my gloves by accident?”
“No, mine are on the table.” He replied reaching for his boots.
“Hmm, oh by the way. I left the hair gel out for you if you want to slick yours back, I know f/n likes it when you do that.”
Levi nodded and looked back to Kenny, frowning deeply when he smirked at him.
“You know Levi, I never pictured you growing up to be a family man.” Mused the older Ackerman. “Still, your mother would’ve been proud and I’m sure she would’ve loved the idea of being a grandmother.”
“Are you drunk already?”
“You ungrateful little bastard!”
“Since when did you get all sentimental?” Scoffed Levi, picking up his jacket and brushing it down before putting it on.
“Geez I try to be nice and I get it thrown back in my face!” Grunted Kenny.
“It’s not like you to be “nice” to anyone!”
Kenny rolled his eyes and folded his arms, deciding to remain silent. Levi clearly wasn’t going to lower his emotional barriers any time soon, that much was all too evident.
“Look, I’m trying here. Cut me a bit of slack will you?”
“Tch, fine.” Shrugged Levi, picking up his peaked cap and a cloth from the table, giving the cap badge a quick polish. “I appreciate you being here, hows that?”
“Well I could’ve done without the “hows that?” at the end, but it will do for now.”
A knock on the door soon interrupted their conversation, however it was Erwin who emerged from the bedroom and answered it.
“Mike.” He greeted, stepping to the side and allowing the blonde section commander in, closely followed by one of the kitchen staff bearing a breakfast tray and a bottle of bucks fizz.
“F/n’s parents are here, they’re just sorting the cake and then they’re going to check on f/n. We should be ready to proceed within an hour.”
“Well then.” Smirked Kenny standing up and reaching for the bottle of bucks fizz. “Best eat up Levi, we can’t have you getting married on an empty stomach!”

“Oh wow this place looks amazing!” Gasped Mishaka, adjusting her hold on Saskia and following Mike into the mess hall.
“Yes you’ve all done a really good job on it.” Agreed your father.
The tables had now been laid out in a U shape according to Hanji and Nanaba’s plans and were now adorned with crisp white and dark blue cloths, the place cards had been put down and the winter themed decorations were currently being positioned.
“Ah Mr and Mrs l/n!”
All eyes turned towards the top table as a certain bespectacled brunette came running towards them. “So glad you’re here! We’re nearly ready to proceed with the ceremony!”
“The reception looks beautiful Hanji.” Smiled your mother. “Where would you like the cake?”
“Over here please.” She replied, pointing to the separate table off to the right of where Moblit’s DJ stand was placed.
It was already adorned with cloth and covered with a scattering of pine cones, holly sprigs and glittering white snow flakes. However a space for the cake had been left deliberately empty.
Your mother nodded and made her way over to it, gesturing for your father, Aleks and Natalia to follow her.
Satisfied that she didn’t need to supervise their work, Hanji turned her attention to Mishka and Saskia.
“Hi Mish-kah!” Who is this little cutie”? She squealed, leaning into the four month old and smiling manically.
“This is Saskia.” Giggled Mishka. “Would you like to hold her?”
“Oh yes I’d love to!”
Hanji could barely contain her excitement as she held out her arms, allowing Mishka to place Saskia into them.
“Hello Sweetie!” She cooed. “Don’t you look pretty in your little dress?”
Saskia silently stared at her with wide curious eyes, trying to work out who this stranger was.
“Got your nose!” Laughed Hanji, giving her nose a quick pinch.
A soft giggle escaped the little girl’s lips and she reached up to Hanji’s face, however instead of returning the gesture she grabbed her glasses and proceeded to try and pull them from her face.
“No, no, no! Not my glasses!”
Saskia giggled again and started to tug harder, stretching the leather bands that were holding them in place.
“Saskia that’s naughty!” Warned Mishka, rushing to assist the titan loving section commander, although she was struggling to stop herself from laughing as she pried her daughter’s fingers from Hanji’s glasses.
“Well I suppose I should get used to it.” Smiled Hanji, straightening them again. “I expect it will happen a lot when Farlan arrives.”
“Probably.” Agreed Mishka. “I can’t wait to see how f/n and Levi cope as parents, kids are hard work.”
“All done here Hanji.” Called your mother, placing the cake toppers onto the cake and stepping back to check her work.
“Wow, that looks beautiful!” Squealed Hanji, her puppy brown eyes doubling in size.
“May we see f/n please?”
“Yes of course, Mike will take you. I have to run to the courtyard now we’re done here and check on Nanaba.”
“Do you need any help?” Inquired Natalia. “Aleks and I don’t mind lending a hand.”
“Yes, that would be much appreciated.”
“We’ll see you in the courtyard then.” Said your father evenly.
“If you’d like to follow me then.” Said Mike, gesturing towards the mess hall doors. “I’ll show you to f/n’s private quarters.”

“So let me get this straight.” Your gaze flicked up to meet Mikasa and Krista’s, Sasha was too busy eating the breakfast left overs to register anything going on around her. “You’re telling me that fiance, a man who admits that planning isn’t his area of expertise, has been scheming to surprise me with a wedding today...since the start of the month?”
“We all have.” Said Mikasa evenly. “Why do you think we took you dress shopping?”
“Even your parents were in on it.” Said Sasha around a mouthful of cold toast.
“My parents?” You gasped blinking rapidly. However suddenly, everything was starting to make sense.
Levi’s mood swings, Hanji’s caginess, Moblit’s piano practice, your parents surprise visit and cake tasting day and then the wedding dress’d been so blind to it all!
“I think the penny finally dropped.” Giggled Krista, her bright blue eyes focusing on your dumbstruck face.
“Why?” You questioned. “Why would he do this?”
“Why do you think?” Smiled the petite blonde. “He wanted to marry you before Farlan was born because he loves you and wants you to be a proper family unit.”
“So he planned everything behind my back for the past month?”
Your gaze dropped back down to the invitation you were still clutching in your right hand, turning it over you once again read the beautiful caligraphied writing.
“Levi Ackerman requests your presence in the courtyard of the Survey Corps HQ on the twenty fifth of December, where he plans to declare his love for you and make you his wife.”
Your lower lip trembled as you raised your other hand to your face and choked back a sob.”
“F/n?” Asked Krista worriedly.
“I’m getting married!” You gasped, your voice muffled behind your hand.
“I’m getting fucking married! On Christmas Day!” You squealed excitedly, happy tears stinging your e/c eyes as you grabbed Krista and hugged her tightly.
“So what are you waiting for?” Yelled Sasha, swallowing down the last of her food. “Go get showered, then we’ll help you put your dress on!”
Before you could reply there was a knock on the door.
“Who is it?” You called.
The door opened and in walked your parents, huge smiles gracing their features.
“Merry Christmas Sweetheart!”
“Mum! Dad!” You screamed, dashing into their waiting arms, watched by a smiling Mike. “I can’t believe you’re in on this!”
“They finally told you then?” Questioned Mike, his smile widening when you stared at him like you’d seen a ghost.
“Sweet Freckled Jesus...Mike?”
“Never mind standing there gawping!” Laughed your mother, shooing you further into the room. “You have a wedding to get ready for!”
“Make your way down to the courtyard when you’re ready.” Instructed the tall section commander. “Levi’s waiting for you.”
You choked out a laugh and covered your hands with your mouth, barely registering Farlan giving you several harsh kicks from within your womb.
“That was an order by the way!” He chuckled. “You’ve got one hour!”
“An hour!” Gasped Sasha, her hazel eyes widening in shock.
“Alright girls don’t panic!” Said your mother calmly. F/n, go get showered, the rest of you, get your dresses on and I’ll help you sort your hair and make-up. D/n would you wait outside for a few minutes while they get changed?”
“Say no more.” Smiled your father, walking out of the room and closing the door behind him.
“Right then you three, let’s get started!”

“Here comes the groom!” Squealed Hanji excitedly, suddenly forgetting that she was supposed to be briefing Pastor Nick on the ceremony and turning her attention to Levi, Erwin and Kenny as they entered the courtyard.
“Hanji, concentrate!” Snapped Nanaba, nodding to the rather disgruntled looking man next to her.”
“Oh yes, sorry about that Nick!” She giggled nervously. “So as I was saying, traditional vows, we’ll be ready to proceed in roughly fortyfive minutes.”
“Very well.” Replied the pastor stiffly, watching Levi inspect the courtyard lay out before approaching him.
“Captain Levi, may I congratulate you on your upcoming nuptials. It is an honour to be conducting this ceremony and may the divine love of the three goddesses shine upon you and your bride.”
“Yeah whatever.” Snorted Levi, folding his arms and looking at Hanji, ignoring the pastor’s now wide eyed spluttering. “Shitty Glasses, are we ready to go?”
“Yep, just waiting on everyone arriving and taking their seats.” She smiled enthusiastically, gesturing to the left where her personal assistant was sat at the piano going through his sheet music. “Moblit is going to keep everyone entertained with some piano playing while we wait.”
“Good...have you seen f/n?”
“No but I have.” Said a voice behind him.
Turning around, they were greeted by Mike who stopped near them all.
“How is she?” Asked Levi worriedly, fearing that you were going to be angry at what he had done and were planning to jilt him at the altar.
“She’s very excited!” Smiled Mike warmly. “Practically screamed the castle down when her parents arrived, she can’t wait to marry you.”
“Now let’s have the truth.” Snorted Kenny, an evil smirk playing on his lips. “She’s hopping mad and is threatening to run away with the baby if he doesn’t apologize for all this plotting?”
“I suggest you shut your fucking mouth before I do it for you!” Growled Levi angrily.
“Oh come on, it was a joke!” Protested Kenny, however Erwin and Mike were not amused and nor was anyone else for that matter.
“Geez, grow a sense of humor!”
“Go make yourself useful and wait by the main doors, then come and tell me when f/n and her entourage arrive.”
“Tch, fine!”
Erwin shook his head and narrowed his icy blue eyes, watching Kenny skulk off down the aisle.
“Don’t let him get to you Levi.” He said soothingly, placing a hand on the shorter male’s shoulder. “F/n loves you and she would never leave you standing at the altar, you know that.”
Levi sighed and looked back, seeing that many of the scouts were now starting to make their way into the courtyard and find themselves a seat.
He was nervous enough about this wedding as it was without his uncle putting ridiculous ideas in his head, after all the trouble he had gone to planning everything...but was there any truth in what Kenny was saying about you being mad at him for it?

“Wow m/n, you’d make a wonderful hairdresser.” Smiled Krista, running her hand through her silky blonde locks.
“Thank you dear.” Smiled your mother. “Mikasa, are you ready?”
“Yes I’m here.” She replied calmly, taking a seat on the sofa and letting your mother run a comb through her raven tresses.
“I feel so pretty and feminine!” Giggled Sasha, flicking her hair back and forth before twirling around and nuzzling her face into the fur lined hood of her cloak.
“You look good Sasha.” Agreed Krista, picking up her flower basket.
A moment later the bedroom door opened and you walked out wearing your bridal gown, holding the corset up and nervously stopping as you reached the sofa you bit your lip and looked at everyone.
“Can someone help me with my corset please?” You giggled, brushing your hair flowing loose back behind your ears.
“Oh Sweetheart!” Gasped your mother, tears stinging her eyes and she raised her hands to her face. “You look beautiful!”
“Practically glowing.” Smiled your father smiled proudly.
“I’ll sort your corset.” Offered Sasha, coming to stand behind you and taking hold of the silk laces.
“Not too tight Sasha dear.” Said your mother, focusing her gaze on you and cupping your cheeks in her hands.
“My beautiful little girl!” She sobbed. “I love you so much!”
“I love you too mum.” You answered, desperately trying not to cry. “Please stop, you’re going to set my hormones off!”
Your mother giggled and stepped in closer to you, placing a delicate kiss on your forehead.
“I’m so proud of you.”
“All done.” Said Sasha. “It’s not too tight it is?”
“No it’s fine thanks.”
“Okay good.”
“Now, have you sorted out your four “somethings”?” Questioned your mother, gratefully accepting a handkerchief from your father and dabbing her watering eyes.
“Yes, I think so.” You mused, gently clutching the silver wings of freedom locket around your neck. “Um, something old and blue is this necklace Levi gave me this year. Something new, well that’s dress obviously.”
“Something borrowed?”
“Oh! I don’t have anything.”
“Here take this!” Said Krista, pulling a delicate white ribbon from around her neck and handing it over to you. “This was my mother’s, it’s a good luck charm.”
“Krista I…” Your eyes widened in shock. “I can’…”
“Please take it!” She pleaded, her bright blue eyes sparkling as she smiled. “I want you to use it for your something borrowed.”
Swallowing hard you nodded and carefully took it from her.
“Thank you Krista.”
“Alright ladies, come on we need to make haste, the hour is nearly up!” Said your father, interrupting your touching moment.
“Yes quickly f/n, let me put your veil and tiara on.” Said your mother softly. “Girls could you help her with her cloak please?”
Sasha and Mikasa hastily picked up the beautiful snowflake sequin patterned fur trim white cloak and draped it over your shoulders, being careful not to catch it on your veil as your mother lowered it over your face.
“Oh don’t forget the flowers!”
Mikasa and Sasha both had beautiful bouquets of blue roses, while you had a white one and Krista had a delicately woven basket filled with a mixture of blue and white rose petals.
You carefully tied Krista’s borrowed ribbon around your bouquet and looked at everyone standing before you.
“Are you ready?” Questioned your father offering you his arm, a proud smile playing on his face.
“Yeah, I am.” You smiled, although you were trembling you couldn’t wait to see what Levi had been planning for the past month.
“Then let’s get you down to the courtyard!”

Kenny stood leaning against the door and glared at the other scouts as they made their way down the corridor, hastily passing him and making their way into the courtyard to take a seat ready to commence the ceremony.
He couldn’t believe that none of these people could take a joke.
Releasing a bored sigh he narrowed his cold grey eyes as a rather smartly dressed recruit stared at his uniform, frowning at the Military Police sigil that adorned it before hurrying away when Kenny jerked suddenly in a threatening manner.
Eventually a few moments went by and no one seemed to walk past him, did that mean that everyone was now here?
Looking over to the courtyard he furrowed his brows, checking to see if he could find any empty seats besides those most likely belonging to your parents and himself.
“Is everyone here?” Asked a female voice behind him, making him turn around.
“Yeah looks that way.” He shrugged. “Who are you?”
The woman blinked and frowned.
“I am m/n l/n, the bride’s mother.”
“Is that so?” Smirked Kenny. “Captain Kenny Ackerman, uncle of the groom.”
Your mother furrowed her brows in confusion.
“I see.” She said distastefully. “Well Levi has mentioned you a few times, I’m afraid to say he doesn’t speak very highly of you.”
“Do I look like I care?”
“Hmph, well it’s easy to see where Levi gets his rudeness from...I shall warn you now though Captain.” She emphasized the word captain with a generous amount helping of bitterness. “I happen to be very fond of Levi, so if you try to ruin this day for him...”
“Geez, get off my case!” Laughed Kenny. “You’ve only just met me! By the way, I also happen to think your daughter is quite the little firecracker. I’m looking forward to having her as a family member, especially since I now know where she gets her feistiness from!”
“Flattery will get you nowhere!” Warned your mother as she heard you and your entourage quickly approaching down the corridor. “I shall give you the benefit of the doubt for now though and form an opinion when I get to know you better. This is Levi and f/n’s day, I will not let anything spoil it!”
“Yeah, well same here!” Snorted the older Ackerman, clearly impressed by your mother’s attitude.
“Good, at least we have found some common ground.”
Her demeanour instantly changed  when you and your entourage stopped at the door.
“I’m going to take my seat, good luck Sweetheart!” She smiled, giving you a quick hug before making her way to the front of the congregation.
“Wow, looking good Kenny!” You gasped, eyeing up his uniform.
“You scrub up well yourself.” He smirked. “I take it this is your father? I already had the...pleasure of meeting your mother.”
“Yes, Dad this is Captain Kenny Ackerman, Levi’s uncle.”
“Ah, nice to finally put a face to the name.” Said your father with a civil nod. “I’m afraid I have no time to talk, I must fulfill my fatherly duties.”
Kenny chuckled and held up his hands in mock surrender.
“Yes, I should probably fulfill mine and let everyone know we’re ready to are ready I take it.”
“Absolutely!” You said breathlessly, tightening your grip on your father’s arm.
“Well break a leg Kiddo!” Said Kenny, patting your shoulder and giving you a smile that, for once didn’t show any signs of being sinister.
“Right then.” You stuttered hastily, trying to regain your composure as he walked away. “Krista, you go first as soon as the music starts. Then Sasha, you and Mikasa will go next and then Dad and I will follow.”
“Understood!” Said Krista, clutching the handle of her basket tighter and preparing to lead the procession down the aisle.

Kenny strutted through the congregation towards the altar where Levi and Erwin were waiting.
“Show time boys and girls!” He grinned devilishly, walking up to Levi and slapping him on the back.
“Fucking sit down and be quiet!” Growled Levi, adjusting his uniform.
Pastor Nick nodded to Moblit who hastily finished the tune he was currently playing and proceeded to start the one Levi had chosen for you to walk down the aisle to.
Everyone stood and turned to look behind them, except Levi who was too terrified to even twitch.
“Levi it’s okay, you can look you know.” Chuckled Erwin.
Levi swallowed hard and slowly turned to face the rear, his cold grey eyes widening at the sight that met him.

(A/M: Wedding march tune:…)

Since this chapter is too long to upload in one part I'm having to do it in two ugh! -_-
Really not happy with it either which is making it worse!
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