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December 23rd

“So what do you think?” You questioned, leaning on the door of the stall where Levi’s horse resided, watching him pick up the grooming tool box.
“If that’s what you want to do.” He shrugged, picking out a thick bristled brush and moving towards his horse’s head, gently patting its neck.
“Well I’m going batshit crazy at the moment! I’ve done nothing for the past couple of days, so why not start preparing for my instructor training course next year? It will kill the boredom and give me a bit of an advantage when I start it.”
“As long as you don’t over exert yourself.”
“I hardly think standing in a room of less than ten people pretending to conduct a lesson will be particularly draining. What do you think huh Midnight?” You smirked, turning your attention to the large black stallion when it nudged you to get you to notice it.
“So which brats are you going to be trying out your teaching prowess on?” Questioned Levi, brushing the horse’s neck and mane.
“Eren, Mikasa and Armin all seemed keen to help me out, Jean says he might come along too. I’m not sure about Sasha, Ymir and Krista though.” You mused, reaching up and scratching the horse’s ears, earning you a soft snort of approval.
“Alright then.”
“Hey would you mind going over my lesson plan when you’re done? I just wanna make sure I’ve filled it all out properly.”
“Fine.” Shrugged the raven haired male, concentrating on his current task.
“Thanks.” You smiled nervously. “I just really want to do well with this, last month was my last expedition and I don’t like the idea of feeling like I’m just going to end up being a burden on the regiment...I still want to contribute to humanity’s cause.”
Levi froze and narrowed his eyes, slowly turning his head towards you.
“Has someone said something to you?” He growled angrily, making your e/c eyes widen.
“What? No, why?”
Walking back towards you he stopped in front of you and stared straight at you, almost like he was trying to see through you.
“No one’s said anything to me!” You protested before folding your arms and averting your gaze. “That’s just how I feel at the moment, especially after what happened yesterday when I tried offering to help prepare for the civilian visitors and every excuse that got thrown at me involved my pregnancy.”
“Tch, ignore them.” He ordered, reaching over the stall door and gently taking hold of your chin, turning your head back to face him. “You’re not a burden. You might not be going beyond the walls anymore, but those brats that decide to join up still need training by scouts who have had experience out there.”
You flashed him a small smile, remaining silent and listening to him.
“Anyone that says you’re not doing anything to further the advancement of defeating the titans can answer to me.”
“Yeah I don’t see that happening, everyone’s terrified of you!”
Levi allowed himself a snort of amusement before releasing you and returning to grooming his horse.
“So what “lesson” are you planning on giving those brats?”
“Basic titan killing skills, I already spoke to Section Commander Ness at breakfast. He’s given me the key for one of the smaller classrooms.” You said confidently. “I was hoping to have a dry run through this morning on my own and then perform for an audience this afternoon.”
Levi nodded thoughtfully, opening his mouth to reply but finding himself interrupted by a loud high pitched female voice calling out a very annoying nickname she had seen fit to saddle him with.
“What does she want?” He groaned, moving behind his horse and starting to brush its tail.
“Hi f/n!” Came the annoyingly happy voice again. “How are you?”
You turned around and smiled as Hanji cheerfully skipped towards you, eventually halting by your side.
“I’m okay thanks, how are you?”
“Oh you know, last minute preparation for Christmas. Nothing new!” However her smile soon disappeared and her face took on a more serious expression. “Would you mind if I had a word with Shorty in private?”
“No problem, I’ll leave you to it.” You replied, looking into the stall and seeing Levi return the brush to its box before making his way back to the door.
“Thanks Sweetie, I won’t keep him too long.”
“See you back at your office Levi.” You called, before turning and walking away.
Once you were out of earshot, Hanji spoke to your fiance.
If the worried look in her eyes wasn’t cause for concern, the all too evident rising panic in her tone of voice was.
“Listen, I still haven’t had any news on the bridesmaids outfits.” She informed him. “None of them have heard a thing from the seamstress and as far as I know the materials she was waiting on were due yesterday.”
“So have them contact her again.” He stated bluntly, this would be the most obvious course of action, so why hadn’t she done it already?
“I have, all three of them have sent her a message this morning. Should I speak to f/n’s parents or even Mishka and ask them to pop over there in person?”
“If you think it will help yes.”
“Okay, I’ll go sort it now.” She nodded, her gaze towards him softening as she cautiously reached out to put a comforting hand on his shoulder, however she soon withdrew when his cold grey eyes narrowed.
“I’ll let you know what happens later.”
“Tch, make sure you do!” He snorted, folding his arms and watching her walk away.
Clicking his tongue thoughtfully he exited his horse’s stall, bolting the door behind him and leaning back against it for a moment.
Midnight snorted and rested his head on Levi’s shoulder in an almost consoling manner, earning him a scratch behind the ears in return.
“There had better be some news on what’s happening soon.” He muttered, continuing to pet his faithful steed. “Otherwise all my plans are going to go up in smoke.”

Returning to your private quarters you picked up your lesson plan from the coffee table and quickly scanned over it, nodding and folding it up before putting it in your pocket.
By the time you had taken your training manuals and dummy pairing blade to the classroom to have a quick dry run of your lesson, it would be time to take Levi his mid morning cup of tea.
He’d already promised you he would go through your lesson plan to make sure it was set out properly, so for the moment you were feeling quite confident.
Grabbing the dummy pairing blade in one hand and tucking it into your belt, you then picked up the training manuals and started to make your way down to the classroom.
A sly grin crossed your features when you happened to run into Bertholdt and Reiner along the way. Unfortunately for them, you had already spotted them before they could turn tail and run off in the opposite direction.
“You’re finally out of the infirmary then?” You giggled, motioning to the rather large bruise Reiner was now sporting on his left temple.
“Heh, yeah they let me out once I came round. Although I think you’re probably going to try and put me back in there.” He smirked cockily, folding his arms.
“Well that will teach you to put your hands on Krista won’t it.” You stated, adjusting your grip on your books.
“Yeah well, we’re going to be watching what we drink from now on. Just because you didn’t do anything to us last night doesn’t mean we’re suddenly going to stop being suspicious of you.”
“You’re seriously telling me a brick shithouse like you is scared of little old me?” You mocked. “Aw bless your little cotton socks! So what are you two up to?”
“We’re going to the mess hall and relax for a while.” Muttered Bertholdt nervously, his attention turning to the books you were carrying. “What are you doing?”
“I plan on doing some swatting up for when I start my instructor training next year.”
“Huh, aren’t you on maternity leave?” Questioned Reiner, cocking his head to one side in confusion and nodding to your baby bump.
“Technically I’m just off active duty until the new year.” You mused thoughtfully. “Then when I start my instructors course I think I will be classed as being on light duties.”
“I see, well good luck anyway.”
“Thanks, see you both later.”
Side stepping the burly blonde you walked off down the corridor, completely oblivious to him and his companion watching you leave.
“Do you think she’s planning to pull off another prank in the new year when our fan club meetings resume?” Asked Bertholdt worriedly, a small bead of sweat starting to form on his forehead.
“Nah, between preparing for the baby and commencing instructor training I think we will be safe.” Replied Reiner confidently.
“You said that last time though!”
“Yeah well this time I’m certain we’re safe...provided we don’t piss her off!”
Bertholdt hummed thoughtfully before following Reiner towards the mess hall, after the prank you had pulled on Monday night, he wasn’t prepared to take any chances around you…

Upon reaching the classroom, you pushed the door open and looked around.
It was small in comparison to the ones you had frequented when you were undergoing new recruit training having graduated from the Cadet Corps, but you knew this particular sized room, which usually seated around ten people was mainly used for individual squad training prior to expeditions.
Walking towards the front of the room you pulled the dummy pairing blade out of your belt and laid it on the table, placing the training manuals down next to it and raising your head to look out over the currently empty room.
You drew a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to imagine that the room was full of fresh faced recruits all eager to go beyond the walls and slay their first titan.
However this didn’t have the desired effect you’d been hoping for...
Rather than boost your confidence, you ended up being overwhelmed by a feeling of guilt.
Sure you would be helping them to learn the skills necessary for survival beyond the walls, but at the same time, would any of it actually end up being useful to them and keep them alive?
For most, it would not be enough.
Fear and the harsh reality of what the titans were capable of would more than likely overwhelm them, inevitably they would become casualties of war or even fallen warriors for humanity like their predecessors.
“Damnit, I can’t think like that!” You scolded yourself, leaning back against the blackboard and placing a hand on your stomach when the baby moved. Looking down at your bump you sighed and affectionately rubbed it. “What do you think huh? Am I making the right choice?”
You were answered a moment later with a swift harsh kick to your open palm, making you wince momentarily before allowing yourself a small smile.
“You’re as bad as your father for being blunt, you’re definitely going to take after him!”
Taking a step forward towards the instructor’s desk and focusing your gaze on the training manuals you started to go through them, looking for the page you needed before taking out your lesson plan and turning to the blackboard behind you to start setting up for your dry run.
You still had your doubts about whether you had made the right choice about accepting Commander Erwin’s offer of replacing Section Commander Ness as an instructor, but deep down you knew that you would still be doing your part in the war against the titans.
You would be training the next generation of soldiers who would go out there to fight and try make the world a safer place for humanity and more importantly, your unborn child and that was all the reassurance you needed to know that you were making the right choice.

Mishka finished cleaning the exterior glass of the sweet product display cabinet and looked towards the door leading to the staff area, smiling politely as another satisfied customer walked out carrying a large box and exited the bakery.
“Well that’s the last of the Christmas orders fulfilled.” Mused your mother, walking over to the pastry cabinet and straightening up a few of the large metal trays. “How have things been out here?”
“Reasonably quiet since the breakfast rush died down.” Replied Mishka. “I think it will pick up again around lunch time though.”
“Hmm yes, it usually does.” Nodded your mother thoughtfully. “Just give me a shout if you need anything, I’m going to start working on f/n’s wedding cake.”
Mishka giggled and placed her hands on her hips, she couldn’t believe that you hadn’t unravelled your fiance's plans yet.
Although to be honest she suspected the fact that you were pregnant was playing a huge part in that, since all you seemed to talk about at the moment was the life currently growing inside you.
“In fact, while we’re quiet you can come and have your break. D/n will watch the shop until Alice gets here.”
“Okay sounds good.”
Heading through to the back, Mishka retrieved her mobile device from her coat pocket and took a seat at the table where your mother was currently looking through a box of individually wrapped fondant blocks while your father finished washing his hands after putting another batch of fresh bread dough into the oven.
“I’ll give you a shout if I need you.” He said evenly, making his way into the front of the shop.
“So what cake toppers are you planning on doing?” Questioned Mishka.
“Well, Levi contacted me and told me that f/n changed her mind about the flowers, so I’m doing the bride and groom figures instead.”
“Sounds good.”
“Yes I’m looking forward to making these.” She smiled, turning her attention to her laptop and opening the image of Levi in his dress uniform.
“Oh wow is that what he’s going to be wearing?” Gasped Mishka, leaning in for a better look, her eyes widening at the image.
“Yes...he looks quite handsome doesn’t he?”
“Yeah he does.”
A split second later a Wallbook notification flashed up on the screen, causing the laptop to ping noisily.
Opening it up your mother furrowed her brows upon noticing who it was from, however a deep frown soon spread across her face as she read the enclosed message.
”Hanji: Hey, I’m really sorry to do this to you but, we have a minor problem with the wedding plans.”
“D/n!” She called worriedly. “You’d better come here a minute.”
“Should I go and keep an eye on the front?” Asked Mishka, concern etched onto her features.
“Yes please dear.”
Swallowing hard and nodding Mishka quickly made her way through to the shop, side stepping your father who was now rushing to your mother’s side.
“What is it?”
“You’d better read this.”
”Hanji: The bridesmaids outfits have been delayed, the seamstress said that they should be here by Christmas Eve, but we’re concerned that they might not be. Is there any way you could drop in on her and let me know what’s happening please? We’ve not heard from her for a few days.”
“If there was a problem why the hell did he not contact us?” Growled your father angrily.
“Maybe he thought that the problem would be sorted within a reasonable time frame.” Said your mother calmly. “He’s trying to organize everything behind her back remember? Besides if the wedding is delayed a few days it won’t do any harm.”
“No harm? You’re baking the cake tomorrow!”
“You know this is probably exactly why he didn’t say anything!” Your mother rolled her eyes, she turned back to the laptop and typed a reply to Hanji, hitting the send button a little harder than she should. “Yes he’s rude and neurotic among other things, but I hate the fact that deep down you still don’t believe he’s good enough for our daughter. However he obviously loves her and he’s trying so hard to make her happy, so can you please just cut him some slack for once?”
Your father sighed and shook his head.
“All I’m saying is I’m annoyed he’s left it this late and he hasn’t contacted us himself.”
“Well as I previously said, maybe he was hoping to have things sorted by now.”
Sitting back in her seat, your mother patiently waited for Hanji’s reply to her message.
“M/n: We’ll have a word with Mishka, she finishes just after lunch today. I’m sure she won’t mind popping over there on her way home and messaging you afterwards. I take it you’re friends with her on Wallbook?”
“Hanji: Yes I am, oh thank you so much! Levi is ready to blow a gasket over this, I think he’s in denial to be honest. Please don’t judge him too harshly for not mentioning anything until now, he’s been really stressed over this.”
“M/n: Tell him not to worry, we’ll sort it out.”
“Hanji: Thanks, I’ll let him know.”
“We’d best have a word with Mishka then.” Stated your father bluntly, folding his arms and staring at the laptop.

After lunch you made your way back to the classroom Section Commander Ness was allowing you the use of, a small smile crossing your face when you found Eren, Mikasa and Armin already stood outside waiting for you.
Your dry run through had gone fairly well in your opinion.
Also thanks to Levi going over your lesson plan and confirming that it wasn’t bad for your first attempt, your confidence was high.
He had however advised you not to use shorthand notes since the instructor would mark you down for it and to just use bullet points for key descriptions such as training manual pages and other important information.
“Hey there you are...Instructor l/n!” Greeted Eren with a grin, gaining your immediate attention.
“You mean Instructor Ackerman?” You retorted, unlocking the door. “Don’t forget I’ll most likely be married to Levi by the time I complete my training.”
“Instructor F/n Ackerman.” Mused the young titan shifter. “Yeah it does have a pretty good ring to it.”
“Hey f/n, sorry I’m late!” Called a male from somewhere off to your right.
All eyes turned towards the source of the voice, which was revealed to be Jean...who was oddly enough walking towards you and holding hands with a female scout.
“See you at evening meal then?” He quizzed hopefully, turning to face her as they stopped just short of the classroom.
The female nodded and giggled, placing a quick kiss on his cheek before walking off down the corridor to her left which led towards the stables.
Sighing wistfully Jean made his way towards your little group, his hazel eyes narrowing slightly when he caught you all staring at him looking completely bemused by what you had just witnessed.
“Care to explain who she is?” You questioned, raising your eyebrows and folding your arms.
“Her name is Abi, she’s one of the new equine veterinarians. She completed her training last month.” He replied proudly. “We started talking while I was on stable duty last week and she just agreed to be my date for the Christmas party tomorrow evening.”
“Aww good for you!” You smiled, turning back to the others who could only stare slack jawed as he entered the classroom. “So much for your prank hey guys? Looks like she was interested in him after all”
Eren blinked rapidly in disbelief and Armin remained silent while Mikasa’s usual poker face seemed to be firmly in place as you left them stood outside by themselves.
“What the hell just happened?” Asked Eren when he was finally able to remember how to speak. “I can’t believe that horse face actually has a date with a girl!”
“It would appear so.” Said Mikasa calmly.
“This is a very scary coincidence.” Mused Armin, wrecking his brain trying to understand how their little white lie about comrade had led to the revelation that there was actually a girl he was interested in and who seemed to reciprocate his feelings.
“Well she is an equine veterinarian, so she’s obviously used to dealing with horses!” Snickered Eren.
“Oi you three!” You called from inside the classroom. “Are you helping me out today or not?”
“Coming f/n!” Replied Mikasa, grabbing Eren by his ear and dragging him inside, ignoring his angry protests about her treating him like a kid.
“Well, at least she hasn’t actually mentioned this so called “prank” to Jean.” Mused Armin, following them into the classroom and closing the door behind him.

Hanji felt slightly more at ease with the idea of Mishka heading over to the bridal shop after she finished work to check on the progress of bridesmaids outfits.
Since she didn’t have any experiments planned for today, she decided that she may as well head off to her private quarters and see if she could find a suitable dress for tomorrow night’s Christmas party.
Everything for your wedding to Levi was sorted apart from the bridesmaids outfits, but hopefully that little problem would be rectified by the end of the day if all went well.
“Moblit, I’m going to take a break.” She called across the lab to her personal assistant, who was currently typing up the morning’s observation notes from her current test subjects. “Why don’t you go get some more practice in on the piano? I’ll come and fetch you when I’m ready to resume working.”
“Oh, okay then.” He replied somewhat nervously, his brows furrowing slightly in curiosity at what his superior was planning. However if having a quick break meant more time to practice for the wedding, he wasn’t going to complain. “Should I not finish typing these notes up first?”
“Nah, we can do it when we come back. I’ll only be gone for an hour...maybe two depending on what Erwin is up to.”
Moblit looked back to his laptop screen and shuddered, he really didn’t need that image in his head...he was going to need a stiff drink to get rid of that disturbing vision!
“In that case, I will see you later then Section Commander.” He said evenly, saving the document he was currently working on and closing his laptop before heading off to the basement.
“Have fun Sweetie!” She called, checking the time on her laptop before leaving the laboratory and locking the door before making her way back to her personal quarters.

You nervously paced the classroom, watched intently by Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Jean.
Sasha, Ymir and Krista had decided not to show up to help you out, but you didn’t hold it against them.
In all honesty you were glad they didn’t, you were nervous standing here in front of four people as it was, if you’d had to do this with seven people in the room you’d probably have had a panic attack.
“Titans have only one weak spot.” You began, extending the pointing stick and motioning to a diagram you had drawn earlier during your dry run when you didn’t have an audience. “A small portion on the nape of the neck. One meter down from the base of the skull and ten centimeters across, however I advise slicing as deep and as far across as possible to ensure you land a killing blow, if your strike is too shallow then it will simply regenerate.”
Your e/c eyes darted to each of the rooms occupants, relieved to see that they were all still awake and not distracted.
“This is where the pairing blades come into play.” You continued, putting down the pointing stick and picking up the dummy pairing blade you had acquired from Section Commander Ness. “These are dual wield blades and are made of a special steel which is the only substance known to us that can be successfully be used to penetrate a titan’s flesh at close range.”
Armin raised his hand, drawing your attention.
“Yes Arlert?”
You had encouraged your “students” to throw questions at you to keep you on your toes, this was bound to be something that would happen during your training and you wanted to be prepared for anything.
“Instructor, how many strikes can you get out of one pair of blades?”
Raising your head you inhaled deeply, you knew there was no specific right or wrong answer to this inquiry.
“It all depends on the individual’s skill with them.” You answered evenly. “The average scout can usually manage to take down between three to four titans with accurate strikes to the weak spot  before the blades become too blunt to use, at which point they must be replaced as soon as possible.”
Armin nodded and put his hand down, seemingly satisfied with the accuracy of your answer.
“Any further questions?” You asked, looking at each of them in turn.
“No Instructor.” Came the reply.
“Alright then, class dismissed.”
You exhaled deeply and put the dummy pairing blade down, rubbing your stomach and wincing slightly when the baby changed positions and put pressure on your bladder.
“Are you okay f/n?” Mikasa’s brows furrowed with worry as she stood from her seat and made her way over to you, halting by your side and resting a hand on your shoulder.
"Yeah I’m fine.” You smiled. “Baby Ackerman has decided to get comfortable, which means making me very uncomfortable. Anyway, how did I do?”
“Very good.” Nodded the smokey eyed scout, releasing her grip on your shoulder.
“Yeah not bad for your first attempt f/n.” Agreed Jean.
“Eren?” You asked curiously.
“I think you did great, if I were a new recruit I’d be counting down the days until I put your lesson to use and slay my first titan!”
You laughed and shook your head, standing up straight and looking at Armin.
“Okay Armin, give me some constructive criticism. I promise I won’t have a hormonal rant.”
“No they’re right f/n.” Smiled the blonde kindly. “You did really well for your first time, your body language betrayed your nervousness though. Confidence will come with experience but it will probably be something your instructor will pull you up on.”
“Yeah I know.” You mused thoughtfully. “I need to show confidence in myself for the recruits to have faith in what I’m telling them.”
“Right. If you feel the need to fidget in future try clasping your hands behind your back or place them on the desk in front of you, it might make it less tempting to fiddle with your pointing stick.”
“Yeah, the way you kept smacking it against your palm was actually quite intimidating.” Snickered Jean. “I actually expected you to whip one of us.”
“Well that won’t be a problem for you will it Horse Face?” Snorted Eren.
“What did you just say?”
“You heard me?”
“Oh that’s it you little bastard!”
“ENOUGH!” You yelled angrily, picking up one of the thick training manuals and slamming it down onto the desk with an almighty smack that resonated throughout the small room. “Now I suggest you two learn to get along before I bang your heads together...or would you like to take part in another trial by combat?”
Eren and Jean fell silent almost instantly, the horrifying memories of what had happened that night at the Game of Thrones fan club meeting coupled with the humiliation that followed was more than enough to convince them that they should end their little squabble.
“Yeah I thought as much.” You snorted, folding your arms. However your harsh expression soon softened and you allowed yourself a small smile.
“How about I treat you all to hot chocolate in the mess hall as a thank you for helping me out?”
Eren and Jean suddenly turned pale and ran out of the room, cupping their hands over their mouths like they were about to vomit.
“Eren!” Yelled Mikasa, chasing after him almost a split second later.
“What did I say?” You asked, furrowing your brows and looking at Armin who was now shaking his head while trying to fight back a chuckle.
“Never mind, hot chocolate sounds good to me though.”
“Okay, just give me a few minutes to return the keys and dummy blade to Section Commander Ness and drop these training manuals back in my quarters.”
“I’ll give you a hand.”
“Thanks.” You smiled gratefully, although you were still confused as to why Jean and Eren had reacted the way they had to your offer of treating them to a hot…
“Ah, I think I get it now.” You giggled devilishly, gathering up your equipment as the penny finally dropped. “Oops!”

Levi frowned and looked at the time on his laptop, usually around now you would bring him an afternoon cup of tea.
He loved that small gesture of affection, it was also an added bonus that you made damned good tea, however he had told you not to worry about it today since you wanted to brush up on your teaching skills ready for next years training course.
Drumming his fingers off the wooden surface of the desk he decided to save the document he was currently working on and go make himself a drink before returning to work, there wasn’t a lot left to do now and if he was lucky he may actually manage to complete it before evening meal.
Tomorrow was Christmas Eve, so as of end of duty tonight, he and the rest of the officers would have no more paperwork until the training period of the new year.
Standing up he rolled his shoulders back and stretched, trying to relieve some of the stiffness in his joints before making his way out of the office and towards the officer’s kitchen.
He’d not heard from you since just after lunch, so he assumed you were still working on your teaching skills. At least it would be stopping you from climbing the walls complaining that you weren’t allowed to do anything, provided you didn’t put yourself under too much pressure and ended up becoming stressed he would just leave you to get on with it.
“Shorty! There you are, I was just coming to see you!”
The raven haired captain rolled his eyes and groaned as he entered the officer’s kitchen, slamming the door closed behind him just in time to for Hanji to bump into it with a loud thump.
Muttering under his breath about her being annoying, he opened the cupboard and retrieved his box of tea.
“Good Afternoon Levi!” Came another annoyingly cheerful greeting as the door swung open to reveal a slightly disheveled Hanji. “Making your own tea today? That’s not normal, is everything okay with f/n?”
“She’s busy.” He replied bluntly, filling the kettle.
“Oh? Doing what?”
“Working on her teaching skills for when she starts her instructor’s training next year, now leave me alone.”
“Are you sure she should be doing that?” Questioned the bespectacled brunette, straightening her glasses and approaching him. “Surely she should be resting in her current condition.”
“What part of leave me alone are you having trouble understanding?”
“Listen, I have some news for you regarding the bridesmaids outfits.” She pressed on, ignoring his previous remark about her lack of getting to grips with the concept of him not wanting her around. “I’ve been in contact with f/n’s parents, they’re sending Mishka to the bridal shop after she finishes her shift to see what’s going on. In fact I should be hearing from her very soon, so if we do manage to find out where we stand, we should be able to start gathering volunteers to help set everything up on Sunday morning.”
“So why are you in here giving me a headache?” He grunted, turning back to the kettle when it started to boil. “Piss off back to wherever it is you came from and don’t contact me until you’ve had a message from Mishka about what’s happening.”
“Okay bye!” She smiled, skipping out of the kitchen and heading back towards her laboratory, finally leaving Levi in peace to brew his tea.
“Tch, idiot!”
After he finished preparing his tea he made his way back to his office, making a mental note to lock the door so he could finish his paperwork in peace without needing to suffer any further interruptions.
If anyone needed to get hold of him they would just have to message him on Wallbook, either way he wasn’t going to be answering the door to anyone any time soon...especially if that someone happened to be Hanji.
Even then it would need to be good news about the upcoming wedding...otherwise heads were going to roll and he would be the one swinging the blade!
Oooh the end is near!
Will Reader's bridesmaid dresses arrive on time?
Will Levi get busted?
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